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Kelowna movers: Calgary to Kelowna Long Distance Moving

Thinking about moving to Kelowna? Well, Calgary Movers Pro is definitely the best choice for YYC long distance movers. Whether you need a long distance move from Calgary to Kelowna, Okotoks, Banff, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Regina, or any other place across the country, we can help you with all the heavy lifting.

If you are hesitant to move because you’re worried about the moving costs, we can guarantee the lowest prices for our premium moving services. When moving to a new city or town, long distance moving can be a hassle. You’re going to need a competent Calgary long distance moving service that cares about your belongings. Other companies don’t always do a good job when it comes to moving because they don’t offer premium services like packing and don’t offer to make the trip to Kelowna from Calgary.

So, if you require a moving service that can help you move without the hassle and leave you with the peace of mind you deserve with every move, Calgary Movers Pro is the best and most trustworthy long distance moving company!

25 Years of Helping Families, Individuals, and Business Owners Make a Move

Our company has the most experience moving as we have helped thousands of people move from Calgary to almost everywhere across the country. Whether you are moving to a new home, a new office, or a new place of business, we can help you with all the heavy lifting—literally.

We Care About Your Precious Belongings

We know that some people are hesitant to hire movers because they’re not sure if they can trust movers with their precious belongings. Some items may be fragile and valuable and need to be handled with extra care—at Calgary Movers Pro, we understand that! 

But there is no need to worry because with Calgary Movers Pro, you can expect to get the best service. Our team consists of highly professional packers and movers who are trained to take care of your belongings and handle them with care during every move.

Whether you have small ornaments, large appliances, indoor or outdoor furniture, pianos, lighting fixtures, or any other fragile items that you don’t want to get damaged along the way, you can trust they will be safe in our care. Our 25 years of experience has taught us the best packing and handling techniques that will ensure the safety of all your belongings—no matter the size.

How We Take Care of Your Belongings

If you were wondering how we take care of your belongings, the answer is simple. We use high-quality packaging and proven packing techniques to ensure the safety of your items. Instead of just putting your items in cardboard boxes, we use durable containers and reinforce the fragile items with extra padding and high-quality packing materials to ensure your items will not get so much as a scratch. 

Aside from making sure your items are well-packed, we also make sure our trucks are well-maintained for long-distance travel. Some journeys are longer, and that is why we make sure that our trucks and equipment are up for the task. We do regular maintenance on our trucks so there is no hassle on your end, and we always make it on time because we respect your availability and know how exciting it is to move into a new home, office, or place of business.

Our packers and drivers know all the best routes to avoid traffic jams, rush hour, and bumpy roads, so we hardly ever arrive late. And avoiding all the bumpy roads helps us protect your equipment and items loaded onto our trucks.

Premium Services at Not-So-Premium Prices

You are probably thinking that our services could cost a fortune, but that’s just a misconception. Premium Calgary long distance movers don’t have to be expensive, which is why we never ask more than what’s fair. On top of that, we never charge extra fees for extra fuel or extra time. If we get stuck in unexpected traffic or something happens along the way, that will be on us—you never have to worry about paying extra! 

If you’re on a budget, call us and let us know all about your move. We can work on a package that will fit your budget and help you with all of your long-distance moving needs.

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Moving from Calgary to Kelowna Will Be Hassle-Free from Now On

Searching for the best option for moving from Calgary to Kelowna? You’ve come to the right spot! For over 25 years, Calgary Movers Pro has been successfully helping residents make their move. Our highest level of care, safety, and expertise in the field has made us the best in class. 

We all know moving alone is super tough. If you don’t have helping hands to move from Calgary, it can take forever, and your belongings could be badly damaged. That’s where Calgary Movers Pro comes in! As long-distance movers in Calgary, we are here to take your stress away.

Why Choose Calgary Movers Pro? 

Now that you have chosen Kelowna for your next destination, you need a dependable moving service. For the last 25 years, Calgary Movers Pro has been doing its job successfully. 

We’ve received great ratings and reviews, so you can be comfortable trusting us to assist you. We have over 700 positive Google reviews, and if it were possible to write online reviews back when we started, we would probably have a lot more! But having all our wonderful clients share their good experiences with us is such an honour, and we hope that you can be one of them soon, once you experience our hassle-free moving services.

Here are a few other important things to know about us:

We are punctual. We never arrive late, so your move will always be on time. We respect our clients’ timeframe, which is why we never miss an appointment. If you are running a little bit late, don’t worry—we promise to be there when you’re ready.

Our movers have been highly trained, meaning your belongings will remain undamaged in our care. We use straps and dry blankets to keep your goods safe and secure. We also use the best packing materials to ensure that your fragile items arrive safely without so much as a scratch.

We have modern tools and equipment to make your move as efficient as possible. We have the best trucks, dollies, and other high-end moving equipment for top-notch efficiency when moving. We know you’re excited about the move, so we want to be as quick as possible—without damaging your items.

We are a budget-friendly moving service that does not charge hidden fees. Once we give you a quotation and you’ve signed, we will not ask you to pay more money for extra time or extra fuel. Anything can happen during the move, such as traffic jams and unexpected road closures, but rest assured that we will never charge you extra!

We are an insured company, which means if your items are in our care, they are insured as well. But don’t worry, because we will always handle all your items with the utmost care regardless.

Our team and customer service agents are available 24/7, so you can call us anytime if you have questions or when you want to tell us about your next move! If you need someone to talk to about your move, our friendly customer service agents will always be available on the other end of the line!
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What Makes Us Exclusive from the Rest of Calgary to Kelowna Movers? 

We treat you as family rather than just a customer. People recommend us because of our reliability, and you can count on us too since we provide:

Step-by-step directions to get ready for your move

State-of-the-art equipment to load and move your belongings

Awareness of your time and budget

Fully insured, trained & professional movers with a hard-working mindset

Competent and experienced drivers, ready to move through different driving conditions

How We Roll

Professionalism and Planning​

Our Services for You

If you are interested in learning what type of services we offer in Kelowna and Calgary, here is a list of our moving services that you should know about:

Moving to a new home can be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. If you are thinking about moving to a new home, we have just the service for you! If you are moving out of your house in Calgary and thinking about moving to Kelowna to settle down with your family, you can call us and count on us to do the job. When it comes to long-distance residential moving, there are only a few companies you can trust, and we are definitely at the top of the list! 

We consist of a staff of well-trained professionals when it comes to any type of move, including house-to-house moves. We can help you move all of your items, no matter the size, and we can handle them with the utmost care, as if they are our own. Some items are more fragile and more delicate to handle, and we completely understand that you don’t want them damaged. And that is why we do our best to make sure all of your belongings are safe and secure during the move.

If you are moving into a new home and need help with all the usual things like packing, moving, loading, and unpacking your items, you can call us to get a free quote.

At Calgary Movers Pro, we also handle commercial moves. If you are looking to move your entire inventory and business equipment to a different place anywhere across Canada, such as Kelowna, we can handle the move for you. 

This moving package includes packing, moving, and unpacking your inventory, operating equipment, and furniture to your new place of business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually enjoy your move? Well, we can take away all the stress, so you can feel pure joy and excitement about moving to a new place of business and meeting new people and potential clients.

Calgary Movers Pro also offers office moves to Kelowna. This service includes packing computers, printers, office furniture, and all of your office equipment. If your office is expanding, or you plan on moving to Kelowna from Calgary, we can handle everything and make sure that all of your office equipment is safely moved.

Unlike other moving companies, we ensure that all computers, monitors, and other office items are carefully packed in cardboard and reinforced with foam to protect the LCD monitors from getting damaged. In addition, we make sure that all cables are labelled and wrapped for easy assembly when you reach your final destination. Imagine a hassle-free moving plan where all you need to do is welcome yourself to your new office—we will handle the rest. 

Office moves are even more challenging than residential moves because of all the fragile electronic equipment, but you can count on us to make sure all your office equipment is safe from harm, even during long journeys from Calgary to anywhere across the country.

Moving from Calgary to Kelowna, Carstairs, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Okotoks, Banff, Vancouver or any other place across Canada? We can handle the move for you and deal with all the lifting, packing, handling, and more! Moving to a new town or city can be more stressful than moving within Calgary, especially if it’s far and you plan on moving all of your belongings.
But because we understand that it can be hard on you, we ensure that we take over all the stressful things about moving, so you can enjoy your new place without the headache.

Pianos are not easy to move. Even if you move it from one room to another inside your home, it has to be handled with the utmost care. It’s a good thing we have enough experience to say that we are the best at moving pianos. Whether you are moving a classic grand piano, an upright piano, or a vintage piano, we can guarantee its safety when it’s under our care. We will make sure that it is safe and reinforced with extra padding so your piano will reach its destination in one piece.

Guns require safe moving, especially if you are moving long-distance. We have special containers to ensure that your firearms are safe during the journey, and we also have experience with the safest gun moves, so you don’t have to worry!
Moving large appliances or furniture is one of the most stressful things about moving because not only are they heavy, some of them can be super fragile and delicate to move. But that won’t be a problem for us since we are trained and happy to do the heavy lifting for you. We make sure they are packed and padded for safety no matter how long or short the distance of the move.

Temporary Storage

Aside from moving and delivering your items, we also offer temporary storage. Some people use our temporary storage when they need to move out of their old location but their new home, office, or place of business is not yet available for occupancy.
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