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10 Tips to Avoid Moving Day Injuries (2023)

Common Moving Day Injuries

There can be a lot of moving injuries that happen on a moving day, a better solution is to hire a professional moving company in Calgary
Let’s look at the most common moving day injuries.


Different Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries are typical on a moving day. When you’re not used to this type of heavy work, it is common for your muscles to get injured. Moreover, a long-rested muscle can not function suddenly. So, if you push your muscles so hard, it is a mighty possibility of getting injured.


Severe Back Pain

It is not recommended to lift heavy items fully with your bare hands. In this way, we put our back in a severe position. For this reason, back pain is a common issue on relocation day.

On the other hand, professional movers use a lot of equipment to do heavy moving. Moreover, they are well-skilled to do the job. So, they managed to do this type of work quickly.


Injuries on Different Parts of the body

Moving day injuries can happen to your whole body. When it comes to the body parts like hands and toes, different bruises and pinches are common. Moreover, you can be exhausted during a move and cut yourself in the process. As a result, sticking a finger in the door and injuring a knuckle, it’s easy to see how frequent these issues are.

However, taking some precautions like wearing gloves can save you from different cuts and bruises.


Knee Injuries

The knee is one of the most used parts during moving. As a result, a lot of tension creates in the knee area. Since you are not familiar with this type of job, there might be a possibility of getting injured.

The professionals always protect their knees during moves. So, they do not get injured. Moreover, they have been doing this job for a long time. As a result, their knees are sustainable from these types of injuries.

Bottom Line

If you’re a beginner, it is next to impossible to avoid 100% moving day injuries. But we would like to share our top 10 tips so that you can avoid injuries.

1. Take Smooth Preparation

Do not rush things. Moving is not something you do in a day. Take days, weeks, months if necessary to plan everything. After that, break your whole moving process into shorter versions. Then finally, try to complete one by one.

A silly mistake that people make during a move is to left work for days. It is not correct. Never ever let your work remain silent. Do not wait for the last day to pack and profile everything. Moreover, the last time you pack up leaves you frustrated and messy.

As a result, a last-minute move might leave you injured. Because when you do smooth work in a rush time, it never works fine. So, what we recommend you is to make smooth preparation before moving.

2. Wear Absolute Clothing

Clothing is a mandatory element to avoid injuries before moving. A general idea of absolute clothing is to save you from severe injuries. Moreover, dressing properly is a huge safety measure to do certain jobs. We suggest you follow specific dressing codes before on moving day:

  • Try wearing gloves, and they will protect your hands.
  • Must wear closed-toe shoes to protect your toes. It should be tight enough, though.
  • Weather-correct clothing is a must to protect you from different elements.
  • Gripper socks might be a helpful thing. Remember to wear it before moving.
  • Wear necessary long pants and long shirts to avoid different cuts and scrapes.

You should maintain the dressing codes to avoid moving day injuries.

3. Use Necessary Moving Tools

In a house or an office, you have different things. So, you can not just think of your bare hands to move them with ease. So, you need different necessary moving tools to help you out.

Without the moving tools, you can face back pain issues. Because you’re not used to carrying such items once. So, it is common to feel back pain and strains when you move your items with bare hands.

You can easily get rid of this problem by using moving tools. Moving tools are specially made for this kind of situation. As a result, you can quickly move your items. You can rent these items too. So, you don’t have to worry about the extra expense.

Tips to Avoid Moving Day Injuries in Calgary

4. Prepare Your Mind And Body Before Move

Emotional attachment is a fundamental thing with your present place. So, it can be hard for you to move your house or office to another place. For this reason, you should take time and prepare yourself mentally for the move. If you’re 100% mindful on a moving day, everything will go alright.

Moving day injuries doesn’t mean it should happen to your body. It can cause mental injuries as well. So, you need to be mentally fit too. Since moving is a lot of work, you can start exercising a little before a week or two. It will prepare your body for the moving day.

5. Start Lifting Light Items First

It is better to start with the light items to avoid moving day injuries. Moreover, lack of practice or preparation can not handle heavier items. So, it is ideal to avoid heavier items at the beginning.

Heavy items require one lousy move to injure you. Moreover, lifting heavy items suddenly will make sure both your knee and back get hurt. So, we always recommend people to start with delicate items.

However, light items are easy to carry. So, it will help your body to adjust to the whole moving process. In conclusion, lifting light items can prevent moving day injuries. Read Now: Packing Tips When You Are Moving From Calgary

6. Try To Avoid Heavy Items Lifting

Lifting heavy items without any professional help is always a big no from us. It occurs the most serious moving day injuries. A lot of people gets injured every year by just lifting heavy items.

Maybe you can lift 200-pound items. But it can go wrong in a quarter of a second. What then? Moreover, there are ways to lift heavy items. When your unprofessional backbends down to lift a heavy item, it can break your back. Immense pain can cover the whole of your body.

So, do not try to lift heavy items. Always use professional or moving tools to move heavy items.

7. Clear the Moving Path to Ease Your Job

The moving path should always be clear. If the path is not clear, you might tumble with any of the items. And this can lead to breaking your valuable item. So, it is better to clear the path to move frequently.

However, if the moving path is not clear, you can fall into the ground. As a result, you can hurt yourself in the process too. So, to be safe, you should keep your moving path clear.

Another point in that unclear path might delay your moving process. Thus, it would be best if you cleared the moving path.

8. Try to Get Help from Your Close Circle

This article is all about making your job easy so that you can avoid any moving day injuries. So, we are providing you with the information to help you remain safe.

Another thing you can do to move your safe on a moving day is getting help from your close circle. You can call your friends, family members, neighbors to help you with the move. In this way, you will not feel that much pressure at all.

Unity is strength. So, working on a team will not backfire on you till the last moment. When the workload is null and void, you can indeed focus on things quickly. As a result, minimal chances of getting injured.

9. Don’t Push Yourself too Hard

Moving is stressful and time-consuming. You need to make sure you are alright in the process. Do not take the whole responsibility on your head. Try to break down all the processes into smaller objectives.

So, using this process, you can amplify your working ability. Take time whatever you need. Do not push yourself so hard that you might get sick. This will not be a very good thing to see.

In conclusion, try using more straightforward methods to complete your move and stay fit for everything.

10. Hire Someone Professional

All the other nine points are actually about the hassles of moving. So, during this time you can understand that moving is not easy. You need to think and invest so much time and effort to do this job. Moreover, moving on your own is kind of stressful. Also, it has injury issues too.

For this reason, the best tip to avoid any kind of moving day injuries is to call a professional moving company. Professional movers have all the training and skill to complete your move. So, hiring someone professional is the best way to prevent injuries.

If you’re living in Calgary, Alberta, and looking for Calgary Moving Companies, please give us a call.

Bottom Line

All the tips are highly researched topics. We have been in the moving industry for 25 years now. So, we can know about the moving problems too.

We tried to give you some tips on avoiding injuries on a moving day. Moving day is full of stress and excitement. So, it is better to use some tips to avoid moving day injuries.

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