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If You Search for the Best Moving Company in Calgary has to Offer, Calgary Movers Pro will Definitely be at the Top of the List.

We are professional movers have trusted for many years and we continue to help make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Five stars award 2021, three best-rated moving companies
Calgary Movers Pro is the best and most affordable residential moving company serving Calgary and beyond. Our experienced and professional movers work hard to make our customers feel at ease throughout the packing, moving, and transportation process—especially if you need professional and careful moving services for short and long distance travel. Whether you are moving fragile items or need junk removal to declutter your home, our moving company is an excellent choice. We stand out against the other moving companies Calgary has to offer. Sadly, not all movers in Calgary make sure to provide you with the best, professional and most stress free and relaxed experience when it comes to moving. Calgary Movers Pro ensures that we provide you with the best residential and commercial relocation services—whether you are moving in, moving out, or anything in between.
As the Best Movers Calgary Has Ever Seen, Calgary Movers Pro is Featured On:
We are a recognized and accredited professional moving service. We offer exemplary packing and moving services and have received tons of positive reviews from our happy customers! Our experience spans over 2 decades, but instead of staying still—we continue to improve and strive to be the best personal and commercial moving company in Calgary. We take loading and unloading your personal belongings seriously and do our best to make your moving experience more relaxed, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Local moving is not easy and hiring incompetent movers makes the process a lot harder. We suggest you hire the best Calgary local movers. With our years of experience, excellent reviews, and professional accreditations—it is safe to say that we are one of the top professional movers in Calgary!
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The Best Movers, Junk Removal and Delivery Services for 25 Years in the City of Calgary

Calgary Movers Pro offers a team of the best Calgary local movers and our highly recommended services will help you move with no extra fees or hidden costs. Our company does not charge additional travel time, fuel or truck fees—as long as you are within city limits.

Other moving companies will charge you a travel time and a fuel charge for minor inconveniences like heavy traffic, extra packing services, and other things that could get them a higher pay day.

Those extra charges, whether you like it or not, could add up to over $300 on top of your bill. Luckily, our commercial moving, residential, and packing services are offered at a fixed price. We value your time, as well as ours—which is why we always have a truck and professional movers ready to be on time when you schedule a pick up. Our punctuality and low prices makes us the most affordable Calgary based moving company.

We understand that relocation from one place to another is not a simple task. When hiring Calgary professional movers, you want a moving company that is on time and ready to help you with your move. With Calgary Movers Pro—your move is our move, and we are always happy to help.

Our goal is to provide you with a stress free move—whether it is from your home, office, real estate, business, local, long distance, or if you need extra moving trucks to move all of your belongings!

At Calgary Movers Pro, our whole team works for our customers’ needs and satisfaction, every single team member is happy to serve you with no difference in hourly rates. Local and long distance moves can be stress free , especially if you choose us!

Calgary Movers Pro has 25 years of moving experience in the City of Calgary

Calgary Movers Pro: The Best Among Calgary Moving Companies

Calgary Movers Pro is the best! But we are not just saying that; we have helped many people, and you can read our Google Reviews from real people to find out what we can offer that other moving companies in Calgary can’t!  

We take pride in having more than 20 years of experience. Throughout the years, we have continued to improve and upgrade our services to match our customers’ needs to ensure customer satisfaction—and for our satisfaction as well. As a result, we have been recognized as the most trusted, safest, affordable, and professional moving services in all of Calgary.

For more than 2 decades, we have continued to pass our vision and expertise on to our new employees to allow them to continue our dedication and the exemplary services we started. All of our employees, from management to our residential haulers, are trained to provide customer satisfaction and extend our professional services and positive attitude towards all clients—whether it is a small job or a long-distance move.

We have a fantastic team of professional movers who are committed to customer service, and, we have all the resources to make your move truly worth it! We get most of our new clients from referrals and thank them by adding a referral rate! We promise you that once you try our services, you will never switch to another Calgary moving company—and you can show us your support by referring us to your family and friends. Aside from our professional and friendly services, why should you choose us?

Why Choose Calgary Movers Pro for your Next Move?

There are many Calgary movers and moving companies in the city—why should you choose us over them? Along with the many services we offer, such as junk removal, packing services, commercial moving, residential moving, loading and unloading, and, packing supplies, we also value our intangible characteristics.

Any other moving company Calgary can offer the same services and provide you with the basics for your local, residential, or office move. However, here are some of the characteristics that set us apart from the competition:


We offer professional services by being on time and ready to serve. If you schedule an appointment with us, you can definitely expect us to be there on time. Moreover, our team is not only professional, but we’re also friendly and give you a little laugh if you want to make your move to your new home or office less stressful.

We have trained our employees to be on time and respect your time, while doing a professional job and handling your belongings with the utmost care! As a result, it takes less time to complete your relocation and you have more time to spend with your family or redesign your new home or office. Our haulers will call you before they arrive at your location, and they will be ready to move on your command.


Our team consists of trained professionals , we are happy to assist with completing every task on your list and help you with your move every step of the way. However, being moving pros doesn’t mean we’re not friendly! We treat our clients like family and hire people with a positive attitude so that you can have a pleasant experience— resulting in happy and satisfied customers.

We only hire the best employees to work for us. Our existing relocation team consists of dedicated moving experts who are ready to provide you with friendly customer service, even under pressure. When our team arrives at your initial site, you will be greeted with friendly smiles and enthusiasm, which is definitely an excellent way to start your move! Any questions you have will be happily answered—we thrive on being the best moving company in the industry and keeping it that way by focusing on our customer service and only hiring the best people for the job.


Many moving services in Calgary overlook the fact that their trucks need to be regularly maintained to provide safety for their customers—we are not one of them. We make it one of our regular jobs to keep our trucks well-maintained and safe to drive so we can move all of your valuables and precious belongings safely to give you peace of mind.

In addition to our well-maintained moving trucks, we have moving trucks of all sizes to suit a wide range of moving needs. If you’re a big family in need of a bigger truck for moving all of your home furniture, appliances, patio furniture, and personal belongings, or, one person who needs a smaller truck for your personal things and office equipment—we’ve got you covered!

Our well-maintained trucks will ensure your belongings are safely transported from point A to point B. We check our fleet every day to make sure our trucks function correctly to ensure the safety of our customers, our staff, and your belongings. At Calgary Pro Movers, we take safety seriously and care for our equipment; we regularly check for any type of malfunctioning, so you can rest assured that our company has the safest trucks and equipment for transporting your belongings across the city and even across Canada!


We understand that moving can be quite stressful. All the packing, the worrying if your stuff will be transported safely, and all the time you need to make the move can take a toll on your stress levels—which is why we try our best to make your moving straightforward. By offering lower rates, you can worry less about the cost of your move and feel at ease knowing that even with the lowest rates—we do not compromise our performance as a company and always take extra care of your precious belongings!

We offer the most affordable moving rates in YYC, with no travel or fuel charge within the city area. Plus, we don’t have minimum charges. Our rates are by the minute; if you only need a few moments of our time, you will not be charged for time you did not use , . You will only pay the fair price for your move—without any hidden fees or extra charges! We always make it our priority to offer fair and reasonable prices, and as a result—our customers are happy with spending less and getting more. Providing our customers with the best service at a low price makes us humbled and happy—boosting every employee’s morale.

With Calgary Movers Pro—you don’t need to pay extra for our extra care and dedication to service!
Our Testimonials
Stuff of Calgary Movers Pro

The Most Enthusiastic Team in the Moving Industry!

Aside from being enthusiastic while doing our job, our team of haulers, professional movers, and drivers, are trained to pack your things and safely store them in the truck to avoid even the slightest damage, such as scratches and other minor dings. To save time, we plan out every move carefully, before we arrive at your location. We take the best routes with minimal road imperfections to make sure your things don’t move around in our trucks and cause damage. We safely store your items and strategically place them in our trucks so that nothing gets damaged along the way.

Our dedicated employees are very serious about their job but know how to have fun even when lifting the heaviest pieces of furniture, and that is what makes our team effective. We can ensure all your movable items are safe and secure, so by the time we’re done—you will be added to the list of our happy and satisfied customers.

We Have the Best Trucks and Equipment to Secure the Move

Some moving companies in Calgary only have one truck size for all their jobs. However, having only one truck size is not ideal for providing the best service for all the different moving jobs or all the various needs of the people of Calgary. Some moving jobs are smaller or bigger and will require the right-sized truck to make sure the equipment and belongings inside do not move around during transport—we are happy to serve you with the utmost safety by offering different trucks and sizes that are the perfect fit for any type of job! In addition, we make sure our truck drivers are competent and drive safely to ensure the safety of your valuables. We train our truck drivers to be professional and safe drivers and we assess them regularly with alcohol and substance tests to make sure that we continue to provide the safest transportation of your precious belongings. Along with our driver safety, we also make sure all of our trucks are road-worthy and do regular maintenance—such as checking the brakes, doing frequent oil changes, checking the tires, checking all fluids, and more. This ensures that our trucks are safe to provide your belongings with safe passage to their respective destinations. With all of our safety precautions, it is safe to say that we are one of the top relocation companies in YYC—making us stand out against our competition. Although we like to be the best at what we do, we always aim to do what is best for our customers before anything else.
Calgary Movers Pro during work
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We can help you make your move relaxed and straightforward if you are moving!

What Makes Calgary Movers Pro the Best Against our Competitors?

Aside from having the best movers, over 20 years of experience, the most versatile line of well-maintained trucks, and the most enthusiastic and professional team under our belt—we also provide the best services at affordable and reasonable prices, and, we comply with all agency requirements. Most of all, at Calgary Movers Pro—we take our jobs seriously and handle your personal belongings and valuables with care. Even if it takes us more time, we ensure all your things are safely transported from the point of origin to their destination in the same condition. On moving day, we send the correct sized trucks and dispatch an ideal number of movers who will make the move faster, without compromising safety. Although we have many clients and many new clients requiring our outstanding moving services—we ensure that we are not short staffed, so every client is equally provided with the same positive moving experience.

What is the process like?

The process is simple and easy. All you need to do is give us a call or book an appointment online. We provide the best service from start to finish. The process starts with your call, and we will walk you through the entire process with one phone call—thanks to our team of professional and polite phone attendants, our returning and our first-time clients are provided with all the information they need for a smooth move into their new home or office. Here is how our moving process works:

Call or book an appointment online

If you already got a free quote online or if you’re starting from scratch, you can start by calling Calgary Movers Pro. Let us know when you need us and give us a little bit of information about the destination, the point of origin, and the things you are going to move so we can choose the right truck and dispatch the right number team members to help you with your moving needs.

Have your items ready at the place of pickup

Once you set an appointment with us, the next thing to do is pack your things with the boxes, tape, and other equipment we provide so our movers can pick them up on moving day. We ensure that we are always on time, so we really appreciate when our customers have everything ready to go by the agreed date and time so the move will run smoothly as planned.
Our movers will take your things from your old home, old apartment, or old office and load them onto to our trucks safely and securely to ensure their condition is the same as when you packed them.

We will safely take your belongings from point A to point B

The journey to your destination will begin when your belongings are safely loaded. We will take care of your things by driving safely to the destination and only choosing the best routes with no road imperfections to minimize shaking and ensure that there will be no damage throughout the transport.


We will unload the items in the best place to minimize your work

Some items are heavier than others, so if you have large sofa sets, ovens, patio furniture, desks, chairs, and even pianos—we will unload them from our truck and take them to the area where you want them, so you don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Our moving process is simplified to make sure that you can relax and move into your new space with peace of mind—whether you are moving within the city limits or making a long-distance move!

A member of the team Calgary Movers Pro

The Services We Offer

Calgary Movers Pro offers many services to fulfill your big or small moving needs. Our moving services include:
Piano Moving in Calgary, Alberta

Piano Movers

Upright and Grand Pianos are definitely challenging to move, especially if you want to avoid damage. They are very delicate instruments that require professional piano movers like us to ensure their safety throughout the transport process. Our team is trained and experienced in moving heavy equipment, including pianos, so to ensure that your piano will be in the same condition in your new home or its new location—we will handle the job for you.

residential moving services in Calgary, Alberta


Moving into a new home is quite exciting. The only part that movers don’t really look forward to is moving and transporting their belongings. However, by hiring us, we can do all the heavy lifting, including the moving of big appliances and furniture with no damage. We take care of things as little as boxes up to the most significant pieces of furniture like beds, wardrobes, and couches.

Office moving services by professional movers in Calgary


If you are moving into a new office because your company is expanding, we can handle the move for you. We can ensure that all your office furniture and computers are professionally packed and safely transported to your new office without damage occurring.

Junk removal services in Calgary

Junk Removal

If you have a ton of junk that takes up space in your home, you should definitely hire us to take care of all your junk for you—leaving you with a decluttered and relaxing space.

Long-distance moving service

Long-Distance Movers

Moving to a different city or region? Our services are not limited to just the city of Calgary. We can move your belongings to another region at very reasonable prices!

Packing and pre-moving services

Packing Services

We also offer packing services to ensure that the quality of your belongings in maintained. We are not only hired movers, but we also train our packers to make sure everything is packed nicely and safely for the long transport ahead!

Temporary storage during moving

Temporary Storage

If you need to move out of your old home immediately, but your new home won’t be ready for a few days, we can get all your things out of the way and safely store them temporarily and have them ready for moving day!

Delivery services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Delivery Services

We also offer delivery services. If you have large items that you need delivered to your home or somebody else’s, our packers, movers, and truck drivers will happily serve you and get them to their destinations without a scratch. We all know that damage to your items can occur when moving, but we make it possible to avoid any damage and not compromise your precious belongings.

No Travel Time and No Fuel Charges With YYC!
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Who do you Help?

We help families, professionals, students, and seniors move into new homes, dorms, offices, and more! For over 20 years, we’ve helped people move into their new places—we definitely pride ourselves on being the team that helps people start a new chapter in their lives!


We readily adapt to your needs as they change. We bet our reputation on it! We always work according to your budget needs. We have a customization option to customize your move, making us the most cost-effective option.


We understand how stressful a move can be, not only for the people moving but also for their belongings, so we make it our goal to keep your mind at ease. We take care of your belongings and treat them as if they are our own. We strive to develop our relationship with you, and because the number of customers we get every day is primarily from referrals—we give back by providing high-quality service.


If you need any assistance regarding your residential move, you can call us to get a free consultation and quotes regarding your moving needs. This process will give you a window of opportunity to avoid unnecessary costs and make an informed decision.

Do you offer 24/7 SUPPORT?

Yes, we’re available! Short-notice moving solutions for when time is of the essence. We are available for you 24/7, do not hesitate to call us anytime from Sunday through Monday.


Yes, we are professional, fully insured and registered haulers. Your belongings are safe and secure at every point of your move. Although we ensure the safety of our trucks and drivers, we don’t overlook the fact that accidents can happen along the way.