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Checklist to follow when you move out of a rented apartment

Moving to a new apartment is not an easy task, especially when you are moving out from a rented apartment. I mean forwarding your mail and changing your address is not just it. There is a lot more than hiring a moving company in Calgary and making your move. 

Checklist to follow when you are moving

Give notice to your landlord

Moving out from a rented apartment is not a piece of cake. One such thing is giving your landlord notice. You have to inform your rental agency or your landlord if you are planning to move. Check your rental agreement properly as it contains the details of the notice period to be given to the owners. It can be either 3 weeks to a month. Some agreements have a 6-month clause where you cannot leave the apartment before the 6 months are over. This helps the landlord to know and helps them in searching for new tenants.

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End your telephone and channel subscriptions

It is one of the most important tasks. If you are using the landline phones then it becomes necessary that you inform the phone company to stop the subscription and cancel your connection. This helps you from paying the extra bills that will get generated on your name. You can also ask them to move your connection. This also goes for your Wi-Fi and television channels. 

Check all the damages that you might cause

It is important that before moving out you check all the places and corners of the house properly. Check if you have done any damages or broken anything that exists in your rental agreement. Some owners are pretty chill whereas some landlords can be painful and make a fuss about the whole issue. The best thing to do is mend all the damages to avoid any deductions from the deposit. This also maintains your relations with the previous owner just in case.

Plan your move and pack properly

If you are moving from a rented home, then it becomes extremely necessary that you plan first the whole move properly. Do not sit around waiting for your moving day. This can cause you to forget your belongings when you have moved to a new place. There is no guarantee to get your things back as the apartment is a rental apartment and any of your belongings can be thrown out by your landlord after you move. Choose a day apart from weekends to get discounts from mover companies. Calgary Movers is one of the best moving company in Calgary that provides several deals and offers. 

Get your deposit back

Another important thing to do before moving is to get your deposit back from your landlord no matter what. Do not procrastinate this task. As long as the apartment is in the same state as it was before you moved in, you are entitled to get back the complete deposit without any issues and disruptions. If your owner or agency does not comply you can file a complaint against them.

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