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How do I start packing for a move?

Particularly when it comes to packing, moving may be a difficult and stressful undertaking. However, packing may be made much more manageable with some preparation and organisation. We’ll go over the procedures you can follow to begin packing for a relocation in this tutorial.

Begin Early

Starting early with your packing is one of the most crucial things you can do. The process will be less stressful the more time you have to pack. Starting to pack at least a month before your move is a smart idea. You’ll have plenty of time to organise your possessions, donate or sell whatever you no longer need, and pack everything carefully as a result.

Make a packing list

You may stay focused and organised when packing by making a packing strategy. Make a list of every room in your house first, and then schedule when you want to pack each one. By doing this, you can avoid leaving everything till the last minute.

Purchase the Ideal Supplies

Make sure you have the necessary supplies before you begin packing. This comprises boxes of different sizes, packing paper, labels, bubble wrap, and packing tape. You can buy these things online or at your neighbourhood hardware store.

Donate and clean

Spend some time going through your possessions and decluttering before you start packing. This is the ideal time to get rid of things you don’t use or need. If you have products that are still in good shape, think about giving them to a nearby charity or selling them online.

Room by room, pack

It is advisable to tackle one room at a time when packing. You can keep organised and make sure you don’t forget anything by doing this. Pack stuff that you don’t use frequently first, like seasonal clothing or decorations.

Box labels

As you pack, be sure to give each box a label indicating which room it belongs in as well as a brief summary of what’s inside. When you get to your new house, this will make things much simpler to unload and locate what you need.

How do I start packing for a move?

Carefully package fragile items.

It’s crucial to use additional caution while packing delicate objects. Each item should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and put in a box marked “fragile.” To keep the objects from shifting during delivery, make sure to pack any empty space in the box with paper.

Put heavier items in little boxes.

It is preferable to utilise tiny boxes when transporting heavy objects like books or kitchen equipment. The boxes will be simpler to transport and less likely to shatter as a result of this.

Protect Important Documents

Passports, birth certificates, and insurance paperwork should all be kept in a secure location that is also conveniently accessible. Think about putting them in a different box that you bring with you when you move.

Choose a reputable moving company

Consider using a professional movers in Calgary if you’re finding the packing process to be overwhelming. They can assist with everything from packing to loading and unloading your possessions, greatly reducing the stress of the move.


In conclusion, packing for a move can be a time-consuming and stressful task, but it can also be made much more easy with the correct planning and organization. You can guarantee a smooth relocation by getting started early, planning your packing, and using the appropriate tools. Don’t forget to organize your space, mark your boxes, and handle fragile objects with extra care. And if you require assistance, don’t be afraid to contact a reputable moving company to ease the procedure.

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