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How to Help Older Adults and Seniors Move to a New House?

Are you searching Seniors Movers Calgary to Move to a New House? Whether you are helping the older adults in your family to move to a retirement home or move them into your own home or if you are helping them to downsize and move them to a smaller place then this is just the right article for you. with the help of this article, you will be able to take extra care when you are helping older people move. The best thing to do is to hire movers from reliable moving companies Calgary so that you can have a stressless move.

Be Kind and gentle

Try to be kind as it may seem like a given. When you are helping to pack and sort their things, keep in mind that they have eyesight and are unable to do everything they used to do when young. This can cause poor housekeeping skills. Offer them to clean the place as you pack without showing any criticism. Remember that it becomes a little difficult to go through a change as one gets older and moving is a very big change for them. Be patient. Ask them about their feelings and let them know that you are always available to help.

Help Sort stuff

Like everyone older adults tend to keep the things they don’t necessarily need or might never come in use. They have things that possess sentimental values. Try to be gentle when you want them to get rid of their possessions. You can advise them to donate. If there is something that holds a lot of importance in their life but is not to be accommodated in the new house then suggest them to pass it to someone in the family.

How to Help Older Adults and Seniors Move

Take Pictures of the Inside of Their Home

Take pictures of their home. This is in order to place things in a similar fashion that was in the old place. Older people like to place things s per their mood and accessibility. Taking pictures will help to create the same type of look for all the rooms so that they do not stay disconnected from the place. You can check how their furniture is aligned in the previous home for their comfort. If you have hired moving companies Calgary then they will help you to place boxes in the room as per the color-coded boxes.

Obtain a Room Layout of their New Place

Find out how much space is there in the new place before deciding your move. If you are moving the older adults from a large place to a smaller one then you need to start downsizing. You need to figure out which all things you can accommodate. Try to help them in figuring out what all they need and what needs to be donated to give to family members.

Start Small

Take a day off so that you can spend it with your parents and talk to them about the move. See what their expectations are. Offer to do tasks that are not possible to be done from their end. Give them simple and easy tasks to perform so that they feel that they have an equal hand on the move. Ask them to rest and give only limited time to the tasks. Let them make the decision about what things they like and what arrangements they do not prefer.

Hire Movers

The most important thing that you can do to reduce the stress of your moving day is to hire a friendly and reliable moving company like the moving companies Calgary. They have friendly movers and best movers Calgary. They will check the items and then provide you with an estimated quote. Movers Calgary provides best services and on budget. They have reliable and licensed movers that will take care of your stuff like it is their own. You need to hire moving companies Calgary for your moving day as you will need to spend time with your parents and help them stay calm while the move is still going on.

Hire Help

If you are willing to do the move all by yourself then you need to hire some help for your parents. They will look after your parents while you are busy with the move. This way you will not be bothered about them being alone and getting injured while the move. Your move will have your undivided attention.

Questions you need to Ask a Moving Company Before You Hire Them


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