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Make your dog comfortable with the move

It is true that a dog goes where his hooman goes. Moving is very much stressful for humans, let alone dogs. If you think you will move swiftly with a dog then you are very wrong my friend. The moving can be tough on your furry friends. If you are planning to move with your dog then here are some tips that will definitely help you out with this. You can make this a little less troublesome for your furry friend if you know exactly how and what to do.

Here are some tips for transporting dogs:

  1. Check the laws: Find out if you are supposed to get a new license. Also, check if there is a ban on specific breeds. Some neighborhoods do not allow breeds like Rottweiler, pit bulls, etc. Check if your new landlord is okay with having a dog in their apartment.
  2. Find a new vet: Do not wait until your pup becomes sick or gets injured. Do due research and find a good vet nearby your new home. This way you can reach out to them if your dog gets sick. Check if there are any vaccines or medicines that you can give your dog to ease the anxiety and restlessness. Take your dog to dog groomer Calgary, so your furry pet will be clean and happy.
  3. Track your dog: You can get your pup microchipped. Put your cellphone number and the new address on his collar so that people may reach you out in case he is lost. Always make sure your dog has some identification.
  4. Hire friendly Movers: Your dog doesn’t need more unfriendly people around it. It is already too much stressed with the move. Having unfriendly and shady movers can trigger your dog. Hire good and friendly movers from Calgary movers. Moving companies Calgary is licensed and certified and offers best rates and moving services.
  5. Train your dog to use crate: If you have never put your dog in a crate then now is the correct time to put and train them how to use it. Many dogs love crate but several dogs don’t like to be forced into a crate. In order to focus on your dog, you need to be free from the stress of moving. Movers Calgary ensures that you have a peaceful move by providing the most efficient movers in town.
  6. Pack up one thing at a time: You might notice that even if you do everything right your dog gets nervous before the trip. You cannot pack up the whole house at a time. Dogs freak out if they all of this happening at once. Plan ahead and take out a few boxes every day in order to have them adjusted with the whole idea of the move. So they do not have a sense of you leaving them.
  7. Start the training: Your dog might have to follow some new rules in your new home. If you are going to face a change in your office time then you must start training your dog now. This way they will be able to adjust to the new routine once they reach the new home.
Make Dogs Comfortable
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