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Safety tips for moving

With any kind of move, there are some safety concerns for people and their belongings. Movers are very much prone to bulglary, identity theft etc. This can happen either during the move or once you have settled down in new space. You can take a set of precautions by planning ahead and ensure that you have a safer move. Here are some moving tips that can help you have a safe move.

Things to be done prior to your moving day

1. The world doesn’t need to know about your big move. Try telling as fewer people as possible about your move.

2. Ask the post office to hold all your mail until your move is completed. You can have all your deliveries sent to your office address if you are moving locally. Avoid any mails or packages to be delivered at your new place until you move and settle down.

3. If you are changing your apartment then you can ask your landlord to not give your forwarding address to anyone.

4. Hire a moving company that is licensed and insured. This is the most important part of your move. Beware of the fraudulent moving companies. If you are moving within or outside Calgary, you can hire the Calgary Movers Pro because they are well-reputed and licensed. They provide great care while moving and offer a 24*7 support service. They provide services like local moving, office moving, long-distance moving.

5. Gather information about your new neighborhood and get to know them as new areas have new risks and dangers.

Tips on moving

Things you need to do on your moving day

1. Don’t tell the new neighbors or anybody that you are moving in alone. This can risk your safety to a greater level.

2. You can hire someone separately to guard your moving truck while you and the mover are both busy unloading the truck. If you hire Calgary Movers Pro then you do not have to worry about this as they make sure that your moving finishes properly and is safe.

3. The truck must be locked when you are unloading the stuff. You can also lock your house if the truck is parked at a distance for every time you go to and fro from unloading. This will prevent anyone to enter your home in your absence.

4. Do not pack valuables or jewelry in boxes. Keep them in a bag in the trunk of your car or put them in a safety deposit box.

5. Label boxes according to the rooms rather than labeling as ‘electronic’ so that you do not draw any attention.

Things you should take care off while getting settled

1. Change all the locks of your new place immediately.

2. Check completely all the possible entrances of your home to make sure that the safety precautions are properly taken.

3. Get your windows covered as soon as possible before any unwanted attention is drawn to your belongings and valuables.

4. You need to install new services in your new home or office. At that time always invite a friend so that you do not have to be alone with them. Never tell and of the service person that you leave alone.

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