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What you should know before moving to Auburn Bay, Calgary

Moving to a new city or area is thrilling and challenging. Auburn Bay is a bustling, family-friendly Calgary suburb. Auburn Bay is a lovely, contemporary southeast Calgary community. Amenities and services are plentiful.

This blog entry covers relocation to Auburn Bay, Calgary. We’ll discuss the neighbourhood’s location, how to get there, housing possibilities, facilities and services, education and schools, community spirit and events, and relocation recommendations for this fun and welcoming area.

Auburn Bay offers something for everyone—young professionals, families, and retirees. Auburn Bay offers several amenities. Auburn Bay offers retail, health services, leisure, and a central lake and beach club.

This article will help you decide whether to move to Auburn Bay. Let’s discuss relocating to Auburn Bay in Calgary.

Location and Getting There

Auburn Bay in southeast Calgary. 52 Street SE, Seton Boulevard, and Stoney Trail border it. For commuters, this neighbourhood is convenient to main highways and public transit.

Several bus lines link Auburn Bay to other Calgary neighbourhoods. Somerset has Calgary’s closest LRT stop. Deerfoot Trail, Stoney Trail, and 52 Street SE pass through Auburn Bay, making it simple to navigate about the city.

Auburn Bay is ideal for families and professionals due to its proximity to essential facilities. The nearby South Health Campus offers a variety of medical services. The Seton Urban District and Mahogany Village Market include several shops and restaurants.

Auburn Bay neighbours Mahogany, Cranston, and Seton. This makes it simple to access surrounding medical facilities, retail malls, and enjoyable activities.

Getting there

Choices for housing:

Auburn Bay offers townhouses, condominiums, single-family homes, and more. The neighbourhood was created to provide residences for diverse lifestyles and budgets. It’s ideal for families, young professionals, and retirees.

Auburn Bay families choose single-family houses of various sizes and types. Modern style and high-quality finishes characterize most of these 1,500–3,000-square-foot residences. Family-friendly residences feature linked garages and yards.

Auburn Bay residents also choose townhouses and duplexes. These residences contain two or three bedrooms and various floor designs. Auburn Bay townhouses and duplexes commonly feature garages and attached patios or balconies.

Young professionals and first-time homebuyers may afford Auburn Bay condominiums. These contemporary one- to two-bedroom residences offer exercise centres, social spaces, and underground parking.

Auburn Bay offers accommodation for various budgets and lifestyles. Auburn Bay includes everything from large single-family homes to smaller townhouses and duplexes to condos for young professionals.

Size and kind determine Auburn Bay home values. Townhouses, duplexes, and condos cost $150,000–$400,000. Single-family residences cost $400,000–$1,000,000. Calgary prices are similar. Family-friendly Auburn Bay is affordable.


Things to have and services

Auburn Bay is an excellent destination for families, young professionals, and retirees because of its facilities and services. Auburn Bay offers several amenities. It features retail malls, health care facilities, recreational activities, and a central lake and beach club.

Auburn Bay’s central lake and beach club are popular. The neighbourhood centres on this 43-acre lake. It’s used for swimming, fishing, and boating. The beach club has a splash park, fitness facility, indoor and outdoor event areas, and more.

Auburn Bay offers several interesting locations outside the lake and beach club. The community offers several parks, playgrounds, and green places for family outings. Auburn Bay is near Fish Creek Provincial Park, which offers over 80 miles of hiking, bicycling, and wildlife trails.

Mahogany Village Market and Seton Urban District are two Auburn Bay commercial malls. These malls contain big-name retailers, speciality businesses, and eateries. Auburn Bay residents have access to many different shopping areas and retail zones.

For medical services, the big South Health Campus is nearby. This high-tech institution offers emergency treatment, diagnostic imaging, and surgery.

Auburn Bay offers several community service clubs and organisations that allow individuals to get engaged and make a difference. The Auburn Bay Residents Association and Auburn House Community Association are examples. Both clubs provide locals many events, programs, and activities.

Tips for moving to the Calgary neighbourhood of Auburn Bay:

Research Auburn Bay before moving there. Check out housing, community clubs, and amenities. You’ll learn about the area and what to anticipate when you relocate there.

Connect with the Community: If you relocate to Auburn Bay, get to know the locals. Joining a community club, attending events, and participating in local initiatives may help you meet new people and build community relationships.

Plan ahead for your Auburn Bay relocation. This includes choosing a competent moving company, setting up utilities and other services, and packing and organizing.

Auburn Bay provides several housing alternatives for all budgets and lifestyles. It’s crucial to research housing possibilities before relocating to a new place.

Before moving, prioritize safety. Check the neighborhood’s crime rate. Install a security system or change the locks to secure your new house.

Learn about transportation. Auburn Bay is convenient to main highways and public transit. Try various transportation options to go to work and other destinations.

Plan their schooling. Moving to Auburn Bay with kids requires schooling planning. Find information about local public, private, and French Immersion schools.

Prioritize Health and wellbeing: Auburn Bay offers many exciting activities and medical facilities, making it easier to prioritize health and wellbeing. Stay healthy and active by using your community’s fitness facilities, parks, and health services.

Embrace the community spirit: Auburn Bay is a community that promotes engagement and connection. Attend community events, volunteer, and make friends.

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