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Cochrane Movers: Calgary to Cochrane Long Distance Moves

Finding a reliable long distance moving company is not easy, especially if you prefer quality when it comes to moving your delicate and precious items from Calgary to Cochrane. The distance can affect the integrity of your belongings, and your items have a higher chance of getting damaged. Well, that’s not the case with Calgary Movers Pro!


We consist of a staff of highly-trained movers, truck drivers, and packers who are specially trained to take care of your belongings, no matter the size and no matter how fragile. And if that’s not enough, we also have a vast collection of well-maintained trucks and use only the best packing equipment when it comes to every move. 

We understand how moving can be stressful. Whether you’re moving to a new home, office, or place of business, just thinking about packing your belongings can cause a lot of stress. The packing, lifting, and handling of your things can be a headache, especially for long-distance moves.

Well, lucky for you, Calgary Movers Pro is one of the best YYC long distance movers. We understand moving and have been helping people in Calgary with their moves for over 25 years now—and will continue doing so! If you will only settle for the best long distance movers in Calgary then look no further, because that is what Calgary Movers Pro is all about.

Why You Should Hire Calgary Movers Pro for Your Next Move

There is more than one reason to choose us for your next move, and if you are still wondering why we’re the best, here are the top reasons to choose Calgary Movers Pro for your long distance move from Calgary to Cochrane:

We Are Straightforward

At Calgary Movers Pro, we are always straightforward with you. We are straightforward about our prices and our services, and we get the job done at your convenience. With our experience, we know about every moving job no matter the distance or size. Whether you are moving to a new home, office, or place of business anywhere across the country, we can do all the heavy lifting for you.

When you decide to hire us for your next move, you can call us to learn how we can help. If you need our assistance, just mention what type of help you need and when you need it, and we can quickly customize your move based on your requirements. And did we mention that our prices are the lowest, especially for the premium services we offer? By being straight to the point, we can ensure that you enjoy the journey and get excited about moving to your new place without thinking about all the hassle that comes with moving. 

We Are Budget Friendly

Another reason to choose us to help you with your next move is our low prices. We offer premium services at the most reasonable prices. Without charging for extra fuel and extra time, you don’t have to pay more than necessary. Because we only have the best drivers and the best staff, you can rest assured that we won’t get stuck in traffic; we know the best routes within the city and across the country.

Of course, some unforeseen circumstances can still cause delays, but we will always let you know in the event that it happens. Just note that we always try our best to make sure we are on time and don’t delay your move! 

We Have the Most Experience

When looking for a moving company you can trust, it’s always best to choose the one with the most experience. Why? Because if a company can last as long as we have, it means they’re doing something right.

With our experience helping thousands of clients move into their dream homes, new offices, or new business locations, we have experienced moving almost every type of item imaginable. It also means that we have experience packing almost everything. From clothes to large appliances, and even pianos, you can rest assured that we can pack and move anything anywhere without so much as a scratch. With our experience, you can get the peace of mind you deserve during your next move. 

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

If you need packing, unpacking, moving, temporary storage, and more, we offer a wide range of services. Because of our experience that spans over two decades, we have dealt with almost every type of move, which is why we offer a wide variety of services that other moving companies don’t.

Whatever you need, call us and we can work something out for you—no matter your budget or the distance of your move. Whether you’re moving into your dream home or dream office, we can help you pack all your delicate items safely. We don’t just wrap your things in cardboard; we choose the right containers and reinforce them with padded materials, especially fragile items like glass mirrors or computer monitors. 

We Have the Best Equipment

Unlike other moving companies, we value our service and make sure that your belongings are safe and secure, which is why we only use the best packing materials and ensure that all our trucks are well-maintained for the long journey ahead.

Instead of simply packing your things in cardboard, we also add wrapping materials for fragile items like small ornaments, glass items, mirrors, TVs, and monitors, as well as large furniture, appliances, and even grand pianos. Instead of flimsy boxes, we use high-quality cardboard, foam padding, and packaging materials that will ensure the integrity of your belongings—even if the road gets a little bumpy.

When moving with other companies, you may experience their trucks breaking down in the middle of the journey, causing delays and other headaches that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Fortunately, we take good care of our trucks and make sure that they’re armed and ready for long distance moving anywhere in the country. 

We Have the Best Staff

To give the best service, we need the best staff, and we are thankful to our staff for giving our company such a good reputation. Our team of professional movers, drivers, and customer service agents are extraordinarily friendly and always go the extra mile to provide the best customer service.

Our clients can expect only the best service from our professional staff. Because they are trained to do a proper job when it comes to moving, our team helps the company’s reputation when it comes to service and job execution. Without them, we would never have reached over two decades of service! 

We Have the Best Staff

To give the best service, we need the best staff, and we are thankful to our staff for giving our company such a good reputation. Our team of professional movers, drivers, and customer service agents are extraordinarily friendly and always go the extra mile to provide the best customer service.

Our clients can expect only the best service from our professional staff. Because they are trained to do a proper job when it comes to moving, our team helps the company’s reputation when it comes to service and job execution. Without them, we would never have reached over two decades of service! 

We Can Move Anywhere

Need to move to Cochrane? How about Toronto, Vancouver, Airdrie, Kamloops, Okotoks, Regina, Edmonton, or anywhere across the country? We can move your belongings anywhere in the country without any damage. If you are looking for movers you can trust, look no further because Calgary Movers Pro is just one call away! 

Instead of going with other cheap moving companies, choose quality—it’s the most important thing we can offer you. The best moving experience starts by calling Calgary Movers Pro.

We Provide 24/7 Support

If you have questions about the move or need help with anything along the way, our lines are always open. Some moves take over 24 hours, and to gain peace of mind, you need to be updated about your belongings, especially if they are put in temporary storage. If that’s the case, you can always call us for support, and our friendly call center agents will be waiting on the line to assist you.

Previous Clients Had Excellent Experiences with Us

If you need more proof that we are one of the best YYC long distance movers, you can check out what our 700 previous clients had to say about us on Google Reviews. Our customers have had amazing experiences with us, and we hope that you can experience hassle-free moving with Calgary Movers Pro, too!If Google Reviews had existed when we started 25 years ago, we would have even more reviews for you to read, but we think that our most recent reviews are enough to convince you that you can’t go wrong with Calgary Movers Pro.

Get the most reliable moving company in Cochrane

Fast, reliable, flexible, and affordable are the core values of Calgary Movers Pro. We offer you the best stress-free moving experience in Cochrane.
No matter the distance or the volume of your belongings, our trained movers are always ready with anything you need.
Our dedication to our clients is displayed in our positive ratings and reviews, as well as the measures we take to guarantee you get the moving services you deserve. We can help you move offices, move into a new house, get rid of garbage, leave Cochrane, or any other situation! 

What Do Calgary Movers Pro Moving Services Offer? 

You might be thinking, “Calgary Movers Pro looks great, but what will this moving company near me offer?”

At Calgary Movers Pro, we:
Offer a customized service to meet your requirements.
Offer insightful guidance and support throughout the entire process.
And help you with everything from loading the very first box to unloading the last.

Other services we offer are:

Residential Moves

If you need help moving into a new home, we offer residential moving services, which can include packing, unpacking, and moving all your items. Whether the move requires a lot of truck space or is across the country, we can customize a residential move that works best for you.

Office Moves

If you are moving into a new office, we can pack your computers, monitors, cables, office furniture, and all of your office equipment safely and well-organized, so that you can easily set them up to avoid any delays in office operations.

Commercial Moves

If you own a business and are planning to move to a different location, we also offer commercial moves, which entail moving all operating items, inventory, machines, large furniture, appliances, business signs, and more. Just give us a call and we can arrange an easy commercial move for you.

Long Distance Moves to Cochrane

If you are moving to Cochrane, the journey can take a while, especially if you are planning to move all of your items from Calgary. If that’s the case, we can help you with all of your long-distance moving needs.

Large Appliance Moves

Moving large appliances? Well, you should only hire trustworthy movers like us to help you. Because we make sure that large or small items are securely packed and loaded, you can rest assured that we can move your things without damaging them.

Piano Moves

Pianos can be very tricky to move. Because they are large, heavy, and delicate instruments, it takes professional movers like us to safely transport them from point A to point B!

Temporary Storage

If you need a place to store your things temporarily in between moves, we also offer temporary storage. If you need to move out of your old place, but your new place of residence or business is not ready for occupancy yet, we can hold onto your precious belongings for the time being at reasonable rates.
Give us a call now to book a date for your move!

What to Expect from the Best Calgary Long Distance Movers

As one of Calgary’s top moving firms, we :

How do we treat your belongings? 

Our skilled crew at Calgary Movers Pro guarantees the following when you choose our full-packing system package:

What makes us different?

We are distinct from other movers as one of the top moving companies serving the Cochrane area. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to give you the proper care and attention you deserve. To take care of your possessions, our staff at Calgary Movers Pro pool their years of expertise and handle all your belongings as if they’re our own. With just a quick chat, we can give you with the confidence that comes with knowing you’re in good hands—we’re only one call away!

Competitive Prices Guaranteed 

At Calgary Movers Pro, we offer the best services to our customers at the most affordable prices in the business. Based on your inventory list and the area of your destination, we will provide you with a flat rate price. Yes! There are NO HIDDEN FEES and everything is guaranteed to be included.

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