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Calgary Movers Pro focuses on the journey and everything else in between to make sure you can enjoy the trip to your destination. Whether you are moving to a new home, new office, or new place of business across the country, we are the YYC long distance movers to handle all your moving needs.


With our 25 years of experience as long-distance movers in Calgary, we have moved thousands of customers across Canada—from Calgary to Kamloops, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, and many other locations in between. Because of our excellent service and track record, we are considered one of the best long-distance movers in the country.

How can we say we’re the best? Well, you can check out our testimonials and see what our previous clients have to say about our services. Not only do we offer moving services, we also offer packing and unpacking, storage, and deliveries.

We use only the best equipment for packing. While others use regular and flimsy cardboard, we use top-notch materials to ensure that your items are safe and secure during the long journey! We are fully insured and have well-maintained trucks that are driven by our professional truck drivers who are trained for long drives. So if you need a trustworthy moving company to handle your precious items, Calgary Movers Pro is your best bet!

Moving from Calgary to Kamloops? 

We are here for you! 

It can be challenging to relocate from a busy city to a more tranquil area, and you should start by making the required preparations. When you request a service to move, local, commercial, and residential moving companies in Calgary will undoubtedly help with any moving, packing, transportation, and shipping needs. Calgary Movers Pro is here to offer you the best moving experience from Calgary to Kamloops. You can relax while we make your move possible.We understand how moving to a new city or town can be stressful. You have to pack up your belongings, find trustworthy people to handle the move, and make sure you move at a convenient time. Because we understand these factors, you can have the peace of mind that we are ready to handle any unexpected problems that you might encounter along the way.

Why Choose Us? 

Outstanding packaging

You’ll get outstanding packaging from Calgary Movers Pro to shield your items. We use only the best packing materials for long distance moving. Our movers are trained to pack and protect all your belongings, including the most delicate and fragile items. Whether you are moving a piano, washing machine, large furniture, or even small and fragile items, we have just the right containers for them to ensure they don’t get so much as a scratch when we move them to their new location.

That is just one of the many things you can expect from the best moving company in Calgary. You can also expect a team of friendly and professional packers, drivers, and agents on the phone once you give us a call. Moving is our job, and all you need to do is focus on the destination.

Top-notch protection

Receive top-notch protection for your belongings on your long-distance move. One of the things that make people hesitant about hiring movers to handle their belongings is wondering whether their items are safe. Well, with Calgary Movers Pro, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. Because we train our staff to load your items carefully and packed in materials that will keep them safe, you can get the peace of mind you deserve when moving.

Your items are safely stored in the right type of container or cardboard box to ensure that they don’t move or get damaged no matter how bumpy the ride to your destination—whether it’s Kamloops, Regina, Edmonton, or anywhere else in Canada.

No more hassle

The hassle and headaches of moving will stop once you give us a call. We can customize your move and make sure all your belongings are safe from the packing stage, through the long trip, up to the unpacking stage. Our services are premium but at not-so-premium prices! Whatever your budget is, we can surely find the best customized service for you. All our prices are reasonable with no surprise fees.

You will gain access to premium services

We also offer access to a cordial pick-up and drop-off service. Other than our residential, office, or commercial moves, you can also get large items delivered, picked up, and dropped off at any destination of your choice. Let’s say you want to move a grand piano from one location to another, hiring us to do the heavy lifting is your best option!

Moving large and delicate items such as grand pianos is not an easy task, but we can assure you that we can move these large items without so much as a scratch. One wrong move can damage these delicate items and we understand that completely. So the next time you are thinking about moving these heavy items by yourself, you don’t need to think twice—just remember that Calgary Movers Pro can execute the job perfectly with your items protected from the point of origin to their final destination.

We also wrap your pieces of furniture with moving pads to safely transport them to your destination. We don’t just move and load it onto our trucks without the right protection. We make sure that they have the right padding to avoid scratches and any damage that could affect the items and our reputation. We have been doing this for over 2 decades, and we will continue to do so by training all our employees to be professional movers.

Temporary storage

There are some instances when your new place is not ready for occupancy but you need to move out of your old place first. In these cases, we offer our clients temporary storage for their items. For example, if you need to move out of your old home, office, or place of business, we can temporarily store your items safely until the new place is ready for you.

The most cost-effective premium long distance movers Calgary has to offer

We offer you cost-effective and budget-friendly prices. Another reason why people are hesitant to hire movers is the common misconception that the prices are high. At Calgary Movers Pro, we don’t charge more than we have to. And for reasonable prices, we do not compromise on the service. We can create customized moves that fit your budget and make sure your move is stress-free with no hassle on your end.

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What makes us different from other movers in Calgary? 

Unlike other organizations out there that offer similar services, we do things a bit differently here:

What can you expect from us? 

Here’s what to anticipate if you move with us:
When scheduling a move, our friendly moving advisor will help you assess your unique needs. All you need to do is call us and tell us about your move, and we’ll make a customized offer according to your requirements.
Once the customization is done, you’ll receive written confirmation of the reservation from us.
We will send a message of confirmation with the option to provide details about your transfer.
You can then request additional packaging materials, such as mattress bags and clothing boxes if needed.
Our moving and storage advisor will provide guidance and pointers all throughout the process (including tips on how to save money on your move).
On moving day, when your movers are on the way, you will also get a text or phone call from them.
When our professional moving team gets there, they’ll decide where the vehicle should be parked for easy access.
Your furniture will be brought to the truck, wrapped in moving padding, and securely loaded.
All items will be delivered by our movers to the room of your choice in your new house.

Our Duties to You

A well-organized, skilled, talented, and highly competent team of employees allows us to provide you with more than long-distance moving services.
Our professional moving team will ensure that your move from Calgary to Kamloops is as smooth as possible. For that, we take whatever actions are necessary, such as planning out your entire journey, helping you pack your belongings, determining the potential scope of the move, etc.
Additionally, we emphasize your convenience as much as possible. We design all our services based on your preferences and needs.
Furthermore, we ensure there are no extra charges that may hamper your relaxing journey to Kamloops. So why wait any longer?
Moving from Calgary to Kamloops should be a breeze once you discover the amazing benefits of Calgary Movers Pro. Enjoy the service of the best long-distance movers in Calgary.

We will protect your items for your peace of mind

We can handle any of your items—from small, fragile ornaments to larger delicate items like refrigerators and furniture. Here is a list of items that we can protect for you during the long journey from Calgary to Kamloops or anywhere else across the country:

Sculptures, ornaments, and other small fragile items

We pack these items in sturdy cardboard boxes with bubble wrap and other protective packing materials.

Computers, laptops, and other office materials

Packing these delicate office appliances is something we take very seriously. Because we want them to work properly when they reach the destination, we make sure that they are securely packed in a cardboard boxes or sturdy containers, including all the cables that are labelled for easier unpacking and assembly once it reaches its final destination.

Gadgets and electronics

Just like computers and office accessories, gadgets and other electronics are delicate to handle during long distance moves. We make sure these fragile items are wrapped and packed in sturdy cardboard boxes with all the cables bundled and labelled for hassle-free unpacking and assembly once they reach their new home.


Pianos need the ultimate protection when moving from one place to another, even when moving them inside the home. So moving something as fragile and delicate as a piano across the country is no joke. Well, if there is one moving company you can trust to handle these delicate items, that is definitely Calgary Movers Pro.

Clothes and shoes

Although clothes are usually put inside a cardboard box, some dresses and shoes can be deformed and damaged if not packed properly. We make sure your wardrobe, including your shoes, and other accessories are packed properly for the journey to ensure they are all in one piece when you reach your destination.

TVs and monitors

Unlike other electronics and gadgets, TVs and monitors have a screen that could get damaged if not packed and handled properly through its relocation. With that said, we pack TVs and monitors with extra padding and handle them extra carefully.

Mirrors and frames

We pack mirrors and frames and reinforce them with extra packing materials, such as foam and cardboard. We carefully load them onto our trucks and make sure they will not get crushed or shift during bumpy rides to long-distance destinations like Kamloops or anywhere else across Canada.

Art and paintings

We have special picture crates for items like artwork and paintings to ensure that they get to their final destination in one piece.


Although some furniture pieces are made sturdy, you wouldn’t want them to get scratched before moving to your new home, which is why we add extra padding and wrap them safely before loading them onto our trucks.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are oddly shaped, meaning they need customized packaging if you want to keep them protected throughout the journey. We individually wrap lights and lamps with the shades removed and separately secured to make sure they do not get deformed or damaged during the long trip.