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Vancouver is one of the best places to move to in Canada. Along the west coast, there are beaches and good weather, and many people from Calgary decide to move to Vancouver, whether it’s for work, business, or just to experience the Vancouver, BC lifestyle. If you are thinking about moving to Vancouver anytime soon, it’s time to consider a long distance moving company that can help you with the move.

Calgary Movers Pro is the best long distance moving company. And whether you’re moving from Calgary to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Kelowna, Banff, Okotoks, Edmonton, Regina, or anywhere else across the country, the best YYC long distance movers can help you with your move. We do all the heavy lifting and ensure that your items arrive at the destination safely and without so much as a ding or scratch.

Some items are quite difficult to move, such as large appliances, pianos, furniture, and other fragile items you don’t want to entrust to just anyone. If you’re moving items like these, you can rest assured that we are the only long distance Calgary to Vancouver movers who can safely handle all your moving needs.

From packing and moving to unpacking and other services like temporary storage, Calgary Movers Pro is definitely the best long distance movers you can ask for during moves like these.

Make Your Move from Calgary to Vancouver Comfortable and Reliable

Moving from Calgary to Vancouver can be exhausting, but not with Calgary Movers Pro. No matter how long the distance, we’ll easily get you there. For 25 years, we’ve been thriving as long-distance movers in Calgary and successfully serving all our customers. So, if your next living destination is Vancouver or nearby, we’ll help you move. We guarantee the safest and most comfortable Vancouver movers.

Why Should You Move with Calgary Movers Pro?

Of course, we’re the best in the industry, but there’s more than meets the eye. At Calgary Movers Pro, we always ensure your items are safe and secure. We use wraps and moving blankets so your belongings don’t get damaged, and reinforce fragile and easily-scratched items with extra padding and cardboard to ensure they don’t shift in our trucks during transport.
Plus, our drivers are licensed, so you can rest assured that they’ll do their best to execute the move without damaging your items. And, don’t worry about any extra fuel fees, because we never charge for extra fuel or extra time in the rare event of a delay.
We are extremely quick with our delivery sessions because we know the best routes and travel times, and we have the best trucks. Our trucks are well-maintained and ready for any long distance moving journey.
For Vancouver, we’ll take the fastest route possible without any risk.
We are always on time because we respect our client’s timeframe and don’t want to cause you any stress—we’re here to relieve your stress! All you need to do is get excited about your move, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Calgary Movers Pro customer service is always here to help you no matter what you want to know, including any inquiries or service needs during or after the move.

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How do we process your move? 

Office Moving Services Calgary

What Makes Us Different from Other Movers in Calgary? 

Unlike other organizations out there that offer similar services, we do things a bit differently here:

We make sure all your possessions are properly protected from any kind of physical damage.

Our experience makes us suitable for long hauls over lengthy journeys, and provides you with satisfactory service while moving.

The Calgary Movers Pro team ensures that the highest quality of work is provided and that none of our customers are left disappointed.

We offer our services at an affordable price range that is well-suited to most of our clients.

Proper value for money, one might say!

What Else Do We Offer?

Aside from our excellent moving facilities, we also offer a few extra features. We will cater to all your lifting and carrying needs.

Furthermore, we will ensure the highest safety of your belongings while moving from Calgary to Vancouver. We also inform you how long the process may take to complete.

Our goal is to ensure you experience the smoothest move possible. To become the best long-distance movers in Calgary, we focus on providing all the necessary services, such as:

If you are excited to move from your old home into your dream house in Vancouver, we offer long distance moves from Calgary to Vancouver. You can call us and count on us to pack, transport, and unpack all your items, including clothes, furniture, collections, artwork, lighting fixtures, and anything else you want to bring to your new home in Vancouver.

We consist of a team of moving professionals who can handle any type of move, including residential moves.

Aside from moving to a new house, we can also help you move to a new place of business with our commercial moving service. If you are looking to move your business to a different location, and bring your entire inventory and all your business equipment to a different place across the country, Calgary Movers Pro can do all of that and more!

This service package includes packing, moving, and unpacking your inventory, business supplies, and furniture for your new Vancouver business, but depending on your budget, we can adjust the package. With us, you can have the peace of mind you deserve during your move—we make moving hassle-free!

If you are relocating to a different office in Vancouver, we also offer office moves, which include packing computers, printers, office furniture, and all of your office equipment—even your cables, wires, lighting fixtures, and more.

If your office is expanding or you plan on moving to a different location in or outside of Calgary, we can safely move your office equipment to its new location, and pack it in an organized manner to ensure that everything is working and easy to set up when you get there.

We make sure that all computers, monitors, and other office items are carefully packed in cardboard. Plus, we also reinforce fragile items like monitors with foam to protect the LCD from getting damaged. In addition, we make sure that all cables are labelled and wrapped for easy assembly when you reach your final destination.

Office moves can be a lot more challenging than residential moves because of all the electronic equipment that needs to be handled with the utmost care. But it won’t be a problem for us since we’ve been doing this for over 25 years.

Aside from moving to Vancouver, we also offer long distance moving services to Okotoks, Regina, Banff, Edmonton, Vancouver Island, Toronto, or any other place across the country.

We can handle these long distance moves for you and make it hassle-free, so you can enjoy the rest of the journey without overthinking the safety of your items. Moving to a different city can be quite stressful, especially if it’s far and you want to bring all of your belongings. But because we understand the stress it can bring, we take over all the stressful things about moving so you can enjoy your new place.

Pianos are quite challenging to move, which is why we created a moving service specifically for moving large pianos. We make sure that we can transport your piano to the destination without damaging its ability to function by wrapping it up with high-quality padding and packaging materials to avoid cosmetic damage.

Firearms require safe moving, especially if you’re moving long-distance. With different gun laws in different areas, you’ll want to hire us to safely move your guns in our special containers. We have all the legal documents and know how to best ensure the safety of your family.
Moving large furniture and appliances won’t be a problem if you call us to handle the move. We make sure they’re packed and padded for safety no matter where you’re headed.

Temporary Storage

We also offer temporary storage, which is a lot cheaper than taking your items to a long-term storage facility. If you only need to store your items for a few days until your new place is ready, you can call us and we can offer you a great deal.

What we move

We move a lot of items and have experience with moving almost any type of equipment, appliance, or furniture. For oddly-shaped items, we create custom packing materials and boxes to keep them protected. But for most items, we have a specific container to best protect them during the journey.

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What Else Do We Offer?

Delicate items like sculptures, collectibles, figurines, and other small and fragile items

For items like these, we make sure to pack them in sturdy cardboard boxes with additional bubble wrap and the necessary packing materials to ensure that they don’t move or get damaged during the long distance ride to your destination. Some items are more valuable than others, which is why we ensure that they are carefully packed and not shifting in the containers.

Computers, fax machines, photocopiers, and other office equipment

Office equipment, such as computers, laptops, photocopy machines, fax machines, and printers, are not very easy to pack. Because some items are fragile and need extra care, you need professional packers like us to handle them. You need to ensure that they are working properly when you reach your new destination, and we have experience packing these delicate items for the move. We pack everything in sturdy boxes, reinforce monitors with extra padding, and neatly pack cables and wires for easier assembly.

Gadgets and electronics

TVs, electronics, speakers, entertainment systems, phones, and other small and large electronics are also delicate to pack during long-distance trips. And only pro movers like us handle them with the utmost care. We pack them in special containers and make sure they are loaded properly so they won’t get crushed during the journey.


Grand and upright pianos need extra care when moving from one place to another. They are even difficult to move from one room to another, so you’ll need an extra hand from us if you want to move your piano to a new location without damaging its functions.

Clothes and shoes

Clothes might be the easiest to pack because all you need to do is fold them and throw them into a cardboard box. However, not all clothing items are that simple. Some clothes like shoes, hats, suits, dresses, ties, and other accessories can get deformed if not packed correctly, which is why we also have special containers for these types of clothes. We make sure your entire wardrobe is packed properly for the journey.

TVs, LCDs, LEDs, monitors

TVs and monitors are more delicate and fragile to move than other electronics because of their screens, which could easily get damaged with one wrong move or when not loaded safely onto a truck. When not packed and handled properly, TV screens and LCDs can break or get scratched, which is why we pack TVs and monitors with extra packing materials and cardboard. Plus, we always handle these fragile items with extra care.

Mirrors and frames

Just like TVs, mirrors and frames are also quite fragile. Mirrors and frames can easily break when dropped or when not packed properly, which is why we wrap them up in cardboard and load them safely onto our trucks to avoid any damage.
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Artwork, such as paintings and sculptures

Artwork, paintings, and sculptures are sometimes more valuable than your other items—whether they have a monetary value or sentimental meaning to you. And that is why we have special picture crates to ensure that they get to their new location in one piece. Damaged artwork can lose its value, and we don’t want to be at fault for damaging your precious collections.


Most furniture is made quite sturdy. However, we still pack and reinforce everything with extra foam padding and blankets so it doesn’t get damaged during the journey from Calgary to Vancouver. Some moving companies just load them onto their trucks without a care, but we make sure they’re safe and sound during the long journey.

Lighting and light fixtures

Oddly-shaped lighting fixtures like chandeliers and lamps are not easy to pack because of their shape, but we can customize packing materials on the spot to ensure their safety during the move. We also add extra padding and reinforce them with blankets when loaded onto crates or into boxes to protect them for the long journey ahead. Even if it’s extra work, we individually wrap lights and lamps with the shades removed and separately secured, to ensure that they are not deformed after the trip.