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Moving is a daunting process. There’s a lot of planning and execution involved. One mistake can cost the whole time from you. And things become more tricky when you’re moving long-distance like Calgary to Whitehorse. To be super-comfortable and all-clear about the project, you need to hire professionals. And who else is better than Calgary Movers Pro? We are your dedicated Calgary to Whitehorse movers.


We are an Alberta-based moving company hustling for over two decades. From residential to commercial, we serve all kinds of clients. Hence, no matter what kind of moving need you have, we can provide it to you. We have all the skills, manpower, and technology to cover your project. Other than that, we will be there with you describing every possible decision.

So, it’ll be hard to wait now. Contact us, the best movers in Whitehorse for your local move. Our professional movers will make your move to Whitehorse nice and easy. We also offer free moving quote or estimates as an extra customer service. So, request yours and give us time to prepare it for you!

Your Trusted Long Distance Whitehorse Movers

Completing a long-distance moving project is not that easy. You need to be aware of a lot of things to do that. For this reason, you just can’t go to anyone and ask for it. You need top professionals like us. We have been completing long relocations for over two decades now. Hence, doing your project will be nothing but a piece of cake for us. We can perfectly do it for you.

Nowadays, in the industry, everyone’s claiming to be the best relocators. But when you ask them to do a complex task, they fail. It’s because they don’t have that much experience in the field. We have been juggling projects since the 1990s. As a result, ensuring you have a perfect moving experience won’t be an issue for us. Our employees will safely pack, load, and transport your belongings.

Contact us today to get the best moving and storage services. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, we can deliver an efficient service for you. Knock our knowledgeable agents and get an instant quote today!

Items Our Whitehorse Moving Company Can Relocate For You

To be honest, we can move everything that you own in Canada. And our van line can do all the delivery. However, to be practical and make things easier, we decided to make a list of categories. 

Look, don’t be nervous is you don’t find your item’s name above. Just call us and we will make you happy. We maintain quick respond and value your time. So, contact us to learn more and book us for your future moves. 


Why Calgary Movers Pro For Your Relocation?

We are a big name in the relocation industry. Our crew is ready to do everything necessary to manage your move perfectly. Let’s look at our biggest traits. 

Expertise & Experience

We started our journey back in 1994. From that day, we have done thousands of moves every year. Hence, there’s nothing that we haven’t seen till now. So, completing your move won’t be a big issue for us. We can easily complete it for you.

Talented & Skillful Employees

We hire and train movers using special techniques. As a result, we are able to find the gems in this country. All of them are polite, friendly, punctual, and hard-working. They will take great care of your items so that you will have peace of mind.

20+ Moving Trucks

We have over 20 moving trucks for transportation. All of the vehicles are well-maintained, licensed, and insured. And we have the best drivers on board. As a result, your item will transition to the new home quick and safe.  

Affordable Services

From day one, we have been trying to provide quality services at a cheap rate. To this date, we offer one of the most competitive rates for our clients.  With us, you won’t have to worry about stretching your budget further.

Excellent Customer Care

Providing our customers with the best possible care is our first priority. For this reason, we have dedicated agents for you. They will work with you throughout the move to solve whatever issue you have on mind.

From Northern to Easter, we can move your items in perfect condition anywhere. So, take the first step and make us your first choice and get an online quote. 

Our Moving Services

We offer a wide range of professional moving services in Markham, Ontario. Some of our most sold services are:

Contact Us to Get An Offer From Our Experts

Are you tired of surfing the internet for proper Whitehorse movers? Are you exhausted from trusting the wrong guys again and again? Well, you have a good news. We, Calgary Movers Pro are offering you the best possible Calgary to Whitehorse relocation option.

We offer the best services near Whitehorse and other areas. Our movers will ensure zero damage, and fully satisfaction. We will make things nice and smooth for you and take all the stress away. So, call us for more details.