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20 hacks to prepare an office move in Calgary

Calgary workplace relocation is difficult. It requires a lot of planning and organization, and if done poorly, it may waste time, reduce production, and cost money. If you plan and organize, your job transfer to Calgary will go well. We’ve prepared 20 time-saving Calgary office relocating suggestions.

Make a strategy

Plan the move with a timeline, to-do list, and budget. This method should help you finish on time.

project manager: Have one individual oversee the move and ensure it’s done quickly and efficiently.

Inform employees: Inform your team about the migration and give them a sense of time and obligations.

Get rid of old furniture, appliances, etc.

Clearly indicate the contents

Mark each container’s contents, location, and handling instructions.

Make an inventory of your stuff before moving to avoid losing anything.

A moving firm can simplify the relocation. They can transfer any size or weight due to their knowledge and resources.

Moving to a new facility or location

Moving requires parking, loading, and unloading permits.

Change location: Make sure customers, partners, and the post office have your current address.

Make sure all your online profiles have your new address to minimize misunderstanding.

Customers should be notified of the move and any service or hours modifications.

20 hacks to prepare an office move in Calgary

Utility disconnection

Utility disconnection and reconnections should be planned ahead of time.

Photograph your former workplace in case you require a record of its layout or furnishings down the road.

To make sure all of your office furniture and equipment will fit into your new digs, you’ll need to take accurate measurements.

Make sure everything has a home in the new office by drawing up a detailed floor plan.

Pack everything carefully: Use packing materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts to protect your belongings while shipping.

Always have your most vital possessions on you: In particular, remember to bring any and all contracts and financial papers with you.

Prepare for the worst: Make sure you have a plan B in place in case there are any problems or delays with the relocation.

Prepare for Day One Make sure that everything from computers to phones are set up and ready to go for your first day at the new office.

Throw a party or some other kind of celebration to celebrate the move and share in the joy with your staff.


In conclusion, relocating an office is no easy task, but it is possible to accomplish with preparation and organisation. Take advantage of these 20 tips to make your office relocation in Calgary a success, and throw a party to honour the occasion once you’ve finished packing up.

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