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Yellowknife is the capital city of the Northwest Territories of Canada. The territory is known for its high mountains and cold season. Hence, moving there from Calgary is not an easy task. You need to make certain of a lot of things before setting off. This is where, we, Calgary Movers Pro, come into play. We are your top-notch Calgary to Yellowknife movers.


Calgary Movers Pro has been doing moving services for over two decades. During this time, we have done several thousand moves of all categories. Hence, completing your moving need is no problem for us. We can easily come to your place and relocate you to Yellowknife in no time. With us around, you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

So, why wait for other solutions? We have all the required moving services in Yellowknife for you. Call us now to get a detailed plan for your move throughout Northwest Territories. Our quality moving crew will transport and deliver your belongings with accurate care. You can live stress-free with us.

Relocation to Yellowknife From Calgary Is NOT EASY

The distance between Calgary and Yellowknife is huge. I mean, it’s more than 1700 km and it takes more than 15 hours on a journey by road to reach. So, you can imagine the hassle of moving your belongings there. This is why, the term “NOT EASY” has been coming from time to time. You need to be one hundred percent sure before taking a single step. Otherwise, it has a huge chance of ruining the whole thing.

Yellowknife is a great small city to live in the Northwest Territories. It has everything to raise your family. But the big journey is a big concern. You need to properly wrap and pack your items. Also, the truck containing your valuable assets should be well-maintained too. Make sure you have an experienced driver and the inside of the vehicle is covered with blankets. In short, the adverse situations in the city make it hard to relocate there.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Yellowknife Movers

There are a lot of challenges in relocating from Calgary to Yellowknife. For that reason, having someone doing your chores could be a big relief. And you just cannot ask your friends and family. Because everybody has important things going on in their lives. Asking them to help you do an enormous task like moving is not fair. Hence, the probable best decision is to hire someone professional.

Hiring professional movers for long moves is a must. In local moves, you are allowed to make mistakes. Because you have time and space to do so. But long hauls don’t give you that window. Everything needs to be picture-perfect, minimizing downtime. Hence, hiring somebody would do the job for you. They will do all the work and ensure your move is a go from hour one.

So, finding a reliable and skilled team or full service local movers is a must for relocation. You can’t transport your belongings and protect or keep them safe at the same time. Hence, going for a professional option is a must.


Why Calgary Movers Pro As Your Long Distance Moving Company?

Calgary Movers Pro is a highly rated moving and storage company. We provide secure and safe storage and moving services at a low price. From North to East, everybody knows about us. Let’s look at our biggest traits:

Experience & Expertise

We have done thousands of long-distance moves in our lifetime. Hence, relocating your business or home is a piece of cake for us. We have a fully organized, knowledgeable, and exceptional trained team. They will ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

Proper Wrapping and Packing

We emphasize proper wrapping and packing. See, in long moves, the items feel a lot of jerks. Hence, only proper packing can provide them with optimum safety. This is why, we pack and wrap your valuables with care and respect. We sell packing supplies and offer packers too. You can equip these in your service.

Professional & Skillful Employees

Employees are the backbone of a moving company. Their quality equals the company’s quality. We have the best in the business. They can help you move to the new home safely and securely from start to finish.  

New Age Technology & Logistics

We love working with new technologies. For this reason, we have all the required equipment to load and unload. This gives our overall operation a different edge. Also, it assists us in protecting and handling fragile items. 

Great Customer Service

Client satisfaction is one of our biggest priorities. We like to keep proper communication with our customers. One of us will always find time to answer your questions.

We work hard every day to be the best company in Yellowknife and other places. Giving less effort isn’t something we do. So, call our experts and let us lead you to arriving at your new place in no time. 

Our Moving Services

We offer a wide range of moving services. Some of our most sold services are:

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Are you looking for a trusted mover in Yellowknife? Aren’t you able to put your trust in anyone? Well, to solve the issue, Calgary Movers Pro is here. We can be your trusted Calgary to Yellowknife movers. With all the right people, equipment, and skills, we are better than anyone.

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