Life is uncertain, you never know what is waiting for us. So, it can be a possibility that you might bump into some kind of emergency and you’ll need quick relocation. It can be your house, office, or business space.

Hard to find last minute movers or for short notice move? Fortunately, Calgary Movers Pro can assist! Need to find movers in Calgary, just give us a call at 587-741-9000. Reach us out using the quote form HERE.

We provide last minute moving services in Calgary. No matter how far you are moving, whether it’s LOCAL MOVERS or CALGARY LONG DISTANCE MOVE, you can begin your moving estimation with Calgary Movers Pro. We are offering free travel time in Calgary. That means that we are not adding an additional one hour travel time to your bill. Usually, it’s around $99 CAD for travel time in Calgary. With Calgary Movers Pro your experience starts with arrival at your door and ends when the truck gate is closed. For a free quote click CALGARY MOVERS.

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Last Minute movers Calgary


We have been in the moving game for quite a long time. It has been 24 years and counting. In the meantime, we developed our whole system to come as much clean as possible to our customers. As a result, you get the best Calgary movers.

We have well-trained and well-skilled movers who can complete your move as quickly as possible. So, if it occurs that you need a quick relocation, you can call us. However, it is hard to imagine good service on a short notice. But we can guarantee that we will provide the best service on short notice. Moreover, it is our specialty to provide moving services in the quickest time possible.

If you want the best short notice last minute moving services in Calgary, AB, give us a call. We have everything to make your possible relocation a success. Moreover, we have expert people with modern equipment to make the move as fast as possible.

Give us a call if you require relocation at the quickest time possible. Calgary Movers Pro will be very much happy to assist you.


It might be a big opportunity, a chance, an accident, and others that you need to move right now. Moreover, you didn’t book any movers to give you some help on moving. So, what to do? If you’re living in Calgary, AB, and you didn’t book anyone for the move, you should call us. At Calgary Movers Pro, we always provide last minute movers Calgary. Our expert movers will help you to do everything.

We provide any kind of moving service. Local move to Long distance, Home to Business, we move all.

Calgary Last Minute Moving Services
Last Minute Local Movers

Last Minute Local Move

Calgary Movers Pro can move your belongings way safely at any place in Calgary. Moreover, we can move your belongings to the nearest and side places of Calgary too. Office, business, house, our company can move everything as you wish for.

Moving is always difficult. Since you’re living in Calgary, it tends to be more difficult. For this reason, it is always suggested to hire a helping hand. Our employees are specially trained to relocate people’s belongings. As a result, you get the best service possible.

However, last minute move is always challenging. Because it contains a lot of factors and all of these must be done within a short period of time. Moreover, the last minute move call comes without any kind of warning. So, it is important for the moving company to be aware and deliver. We, Calgary Movers Pro, train our employees in such a way that they should face any kind of challenges and avoid any casualties on a move.


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Last Minute Long Distance Move

Long distance move is way different than a local move. It contains more challenges and finesse. Without proper planning, it is possible to fail in a long distance move. So, you must need professional help to make your long distance move a success. This all moving thing becomes more difficult when you have to move long distance from Calgary on short notice.

At Calgary Movers Pro, we train our movers personally. As a result, 24 years of experience goes into each and every employee. For this reason, the end result is always satisfying. Our professional movers are trained to handle any kind of situation without zero casualties. So, you can keep your trust in us.

Last minute move in Calgary requires quick planning. Moreover, you get minimal preparation time. In this scenario, it is best to hire someone professional. And Calgary Movers Pro is the most professional last minutes movers to do your job.

If you want to book a last minute long distance move, just give us a call. Our team will be at your doorstep to help you out.