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For over 25 years providing Calgary long distance movers at low cost. Calgary Movers Pro has been helping residents of Calgary with their long distance moving services with the utmost care. Our goal is to provide YOU with the best assistance at YOUR most convenient time.

In contrast to other long distance moving companies in Calgary, we are aware of how much our clients depend on top-notch quality moving services. With Calgary Movers Pro, you can rely on highly skilled and trained long distance movers. We offer full cross province services moving, from beginning to end.

We are dedicated to giving our clients the finest possible experience as one of the top long distance moving companies in Calgary. Moreover, modern tools are there to assist you with your long distance move. No matter how big or complex your move is, we will make it work. When it comes to moving from one location to another,  you need hire a professional  long distance movers Calgary.  We have established a reputation top YYC long distance movers.

How Do We Ensure the Best Cross Province Services Calgary?

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Why We are the Best Long Distance Moving Company?

Quality, convenience, and top-notch service are what you expect from the best! Calgary Movers Pro provides that and more! Whether it’s experience or modern equipment, we have it all. Wondering what is so best about us? We have been in the long distance moving industry over 25 years. In these years, we upgraded ourselves for customer satisfaction. As a result, we got ourselves the name one of best long distance movers in Calgary. Over many years of work we passed our moving experience in to our employees. For this reason, we have the professional long distance movers in Calgary. We have a good team and trucks to make your move successful. The maximum quantity of customers we get from referrals. Once you use our long haul moving services in Calgary, you will love it like our previous customers

Expert in the field

The experience and expertise required to plan and execute long distance moves are deeply rooted in all of our employees. Long hauls and arduous trips are not a problem for us. Our experience and expertise guarantee your highest satisfaction.

Instruction and Advice

We just don’t use your experience to make our work quick, easy, and efficient, but we also ensure you get the best advice and instruction for later! Hence, we will offer proper guidelines and suggestions so that you make your move as smooth as possible.

Reasonable Rates

We focus highly on the pricing and make sure that you get the best value. Our prices are very reasonable, and each of our offerings includes a wide range of services that will give you the best bang for the buck. Comparing our prices to those of other companies will show that we are far more affordable.

Modern Tools and Equipment

Our fleet of 20 well-equipped trucks and over 60 highly skilled movers are complemented by a range of modern tools and equipment that ensure the best long distance moving services with ultimate care.

Guaranteed Protection

All of your possessions are our top-most priority, and we guarantee 100% of their protection. Hence, our moving team takes the safest route and works with the highest level of care so that none of your precious belongings gets damaged! The spirit of ultimate care will shine through from the moment we pack to the moment we unpack.

Customer Satisfaction

We’ve served more than 500+ Canadian Families to move to their preferred destination over the years with 100% satisfaction.
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25 Years of Experience of Long Distance Services in YYC

It’s been 25 years since we were in business, and we have learned a lot. Our experience has helped us to develop expertise in moving services. We are confident that we will give you the smoothest moving service and the best experience, something that you expect from the best long-haul movers in Calgary. The level of experience you’ll get is unrivaled by the price you pay. We are skilled at all types of moving services. You name it, and we got it! Our expertise sets us apart from all of the long distance moving companies in Calgary.

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How do We Work?

What to expect if you relocate with us is as follows:
Our helpful moving advisor will work with you to determine your specific requirements when you schedule a move.
Depending on your needs, we’ll create a special offer.

A message of confirmation of your transfer will be sent to you.

You might ask for extra packaging supplies, including mattress bags and garment boxes.
Throughout the process, your Move Advisor will offer direction and ideas (including tips on how to save money on your move)
You will receive a text or phone call from your movers after moving day to let you know they are on their way.
Our crew will choose where to park the car for convenient access once they arrive.
We’ll transport your furniture to the truck, wrap it in moving foam, and load it up safely.
Our movers will transport all items to the room of your choice in your new home.
Long Distance Movers Calgary

Calgary Movers Pro is Another Name for Guaranteed Cross Country Trust!

Some long distance movers Calgary make it complicated to understand their billing policies, fees, and other expenses.

We place a high priority on transparency, so we’ll be honest with you about every fee and every moving expense. Anyone would hate to get “the surprise,” or a bill for something that seems both unnecessary and unfair.

On the day of your move, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises thanks to our transparent pricing. Even a customized moving budget can be made depending on your needs. When moving day comes around, you’ll know how much money you need to save or put away. 

We carry out long distance moves from Calgary to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. If you are willing to adjust your moving date, and fix a schedule, talk to our representatives asap.

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