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Chestermere Moving Services: Long Distance Moves from Calgary to Chestermere with Chestermere Movers


Experience the Simplicity of Moving

Chestermere Residents’ Most Convenient and Professional Movers

We have 25 years of experience in the moving business, and we’re experts at handling your belongings safely. Our commitment is to customer satisfaction. As a result, we became the most reliable, affordable, budget-friendly, and professional Chestermere movers.

The Simple and Convenient Process of Our Efficient Moving Service

As the best Chestermere moving company, we focus heavily on our customers and their preferences. Our process starts with you and ends with you. In between, we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

Our process includes the following:

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What Our Chestermere Moving Service Offers

Residential Moves

Are you moving within Calgary or to a different city across Canada? Calgary Movers Pro offers residential moves that include packing, transporting, and unpacking all your possessions. Suppose you are excited about moving into your dream house. Our honest and transparent pro movers will do all the heavy lifting for you. All of your furniture, appliances, clothes, and fragile items will be safe in our hands.

Commercial Moves

We can also help with commercial moves. Are you expanding your business or moving your inventory to a new location in or outside Calgary? We can help you pack and transport your things to your new business location. Some businesses have a delicate list of items that need extra care when loading and unloading. If you need a moving company you can trust to handle it, Calgary Movers Pro is your best choice.

Office Moves

Need to move to a new office? We can help you with that, too! We can help you pack and move computers, fax machines, office equipment, furniture, file cabinets, office chairs, and every other item in your office to your new location without you breaking a sweat. If you are worried that these electronics are too complicated to move, we can assure you that we are experienced. We know how to handle fragile monitors and electronic devices to ensure they retain their functionality from packing to unloading. We also label cables and wires to make assembly at the new location a piece of cake!

Long-Distance Moves

Not all professional moving services in Calgary are equipped for long-distance moves to Chestermere. Do you need a trustworthy long-distance moving company? You can rely on us to get all your precious belongings to your new city without damage. Safety is our priority, so we’ve equipped ourselves with all the packing materials required for long-distance moves. In addition, our trucks are well-maintained to ensure nothing goes wrong during the move. Even on a long journey!

Temporary Storage

To ensure things go smoothly on the day of your move, we also offer temporary storage. Some people want to get a head start to make things easier on the day of the move to their new home, apartment, or office. We can temporarily store your items in our storage facilities so you can easily access them.

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We Promise Satisfaction With Our Quality Moving Services, Even Long Distance

We want to prove that moving doesn’t have to be a burden. We’re here and ready to help! We strive to make your life easy and give our customers the most straightforward moving journey possible. And we’ll go above and beyond to make that happen. Calgary Movers Pro promises the ultimate customer satisfaction, and with our skilled movers, expert drivers, and convenient system we never fail. You are bound to experience a simple and joyful trip. We’ll make it feel like a picnic!

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