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Are you choosing the right moving company?

Hiring a quality mover company in Calgary is a big task. One can get things wrong and suffer a big loss by getting caught in fraud if not taken care of this aspect properly. There are several companies in the market competing to provide the best services as possible. You might receive promotional emails and messages almost every day. Here are a few things to do to choose the right moving company for you before the big day.

Tips for choosing the right movers for you

Check for the moving inventory

A quality company will always check for a moving inventory. That is they will make an inventory considering all your belongings and will help to determine the bulk and the weight of your move. They will thoroughly check through the cupboards, garages, drawers, shelves and all the possible storage places. If you find someone who does not maintain an inventory then it is best you do not go for them. They can be fraudulent.

Check if they ask for a detailed walk-through

A quality company will always ask you questions as what things you are planning to take with yourself on the move. They will mark those things, so be prepared to figure out the items what you need to put. You can sort what all things you need to donate and throw as well. Calgary moving companies do a detailed survey of all the things you want to take with you. 

Check for the moving inventory

Do not pay a large deposit

Reputable movers never demand a cash deposit. They take a cheque of the advance. Neither do they ask for a large deposit before moving, so if they as then it is probably a fraud. You are only supposed to pay after the move. If you pay in advance a large deposit then there are chances that you will never get your money back. You are risking of all your belongings to be gone. But if you hire someone even trustworthy then use a credit card to pay so that there is a track of your payment. Calgary Movers is one of the most trustworthy companies that is licensed and uses skilled professional movers.

Avoid moving companies that have switched their names

Some companies do not get assessed by the government and fear of being exposed.  If you find a company that does business under several different names then it is best to avoid doing any business with them. Always check if the company has any local address and visit in person to verify the existence of the company. Check always if they are licensed by the government to avoid any frauds. Make sure that the employees of the company answer when dialed on the companies number. If you find any such company that is a fraud then report them immediately. Calgary Movers are licensed and fully verified agency in Calgary

Verify with the references

The best thing to do is to always verify the references provided by the company and do a background check by yourself.

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