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Do I need to empty drawers for movers?

You might be unsure whether to empty the drawers of your furniture before the movers show up. If you’re preparing to move to a new house. The sort of furniture you have, the length of the move, and the policies of the moving company you choose will all have an impact on the answer to this question.

In general, especially if you’re relocating far away, it’s a good idea to empty your drawers before the movers show up. Here are a few explanations:

Safety: Furniture can be heavy, and if the drawers are full, the weight and difficulty of moving the item will increase. This may endanger the movers’ safety and endanger your furniture as well.

Efficiency: The time it takes the movers to load and unload your furniture from the moving truck will be longer if it is filled with stuff. This could extend the time it takes to finish your relocation overall and raise the price of your moving services.

Convenience: If you clear your drawers before the move, you can mark the goods and place them in boxes for subsequent unpacking. This can greatly simplify and manage the unpacking process in your new house.


Having said that, there are some circumstances in which you might not need to clear your drawers prior to the arrival of the movers. Here are a few instances:

Drawers that are only partially filled: If your drawers are only partially filled, you might be able to keep the contents there. However, you should still ask your moving company if there are any guidelines or limitations that they have.

Moves over a small distance: It might not be required to clear your drawers if you are just travelling a short distance. The stability and weight of your furniture, as well as any guidelines or advice from your moving company, should still be taken into account.

Specialist furniture: Before deciding whether to empty the drawers of specialised furniture, such as antique or heirloom pieces, you might need to speak with an expert. It’s crucial to make sure that they are protected during the journey because some things may need special attention and care.

The choice to empty your drawers

The choice to empty your drawers before the transfer will ultimately depend on your particular circumstances. You should speak with your moving company ahead of time to learn about their policies and suggestions. Additionally, you should consider if it will be safe and feasible to leave the objects within your furniture by evaluating its contents.

There are several guidelines you may use to streamline the process of emptying your drawers if you do decide to do so:

Don’t wait until the last minute to empty your drawers; get started right away. Start packing instead a few days or even a week ahead of time so you have time to be careful and not feel pressured.

Use robust boxes that are appropriate for the weight and fragility of the contents while packing the items from your drawers. Additionally, make sure the boxes are clearly labelled so you know what is inside.

Do I need to empty drawers for movers?

Think intelligently

Think intelligently when packing the goods out of your drawers to make the most of the space in each box. To fill up any gaps, you might be able to stack things or utilise packing materials.

If you have stuff in your drawers that you no longer need or want, you might want to think about donating or selling them before the move. This can lessen the quantity of things you need to pack and carry while also helping you organise your home.


In conclusion, even though it could be tempting, it’s usually preferable to empty the contents of your furniture drawers before the move. This can make your move more efficient and safe, and it can also make the process of unpacking simpler and more well-organized. However, the ultimate choice will rely on your particular circumstance, so make sure to

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