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Easy moving tips for a dead simple move

Packing your stuff and moving is a very difficult task. People dread packing but packing can be made simple if planned properly. We all know that packing cannot be done in a day. It takes a lot of time. Packing in hurry can lead to forgetting and mixing up of things when it comes to the moving day. Here are some easy moving tips that will make your move very simple.

Here Is the easy Moving tips

1. Sort your stuff

Do not carry all your stuff together at the new place. Sort your stuff properly. You can put all your clothes in one place and sort them in 3 piles. You can put clothes that you want to take with you in one pile. Put the clothes that you can sell or donate in one pile and make a pile for clothes that you want to throw away. You can do same for the books. Sorting stuff makes unpacking very easy.

2. Start searching for the professional moving companies

Finding moving companies that you can rely on is tough these days. If you are planning to hire one then you need to start searching as soon as possible because the companies must be able to serve you on your moving dates. Always look for a licensed and bonded company. You can call and get a quote from companies like Movers Calgary. Calgary Movers provide friendly and reliable movers  If a company asks you to provide some cash upfront then do not deal with them as they can be fraudulent. Moving companies Calgary can provide good deals and efficient movers.

How To Label Boxes

3. Fix the correct moving date

If you are someone who has a flexible schedule and authority to choose a moving date then do not rush. Best thing is to move offseason as you can get several discounts at this time. Hire Calgary Movers at least a month before your moving date so that you do not have to rush at the end and find a hike in price. Do not choose weekends to move as they are the busiest days for moving companies.

4. Plan and schedule your tasks

The best thing to do is to make a to-do list for your move and have your moving tasks scheduled in the calendar of your phone as reminders. This way you will not have to rush the last minute and will have ample time to do the packing properly.

5. Get moving boxes from a nearby liquor shop

You can stop by at any liquor shop in your locality and can check if they have boxes that they need to recycle or throw. You can get boxes a discount or free of cost even from these shops. Color code them with the help of some paint so that you know which boxes contains belongings of the respective rooms. Label the boxes correctly and on all the four corners. You can also write instructions on boxes to help the Movers Calgary to know which items need extra care.

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