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How To Label Boxes For Moving?

We all know moving is a very big task that requires days of planning and if you are moving for the first time then it can get really overwhelming. Having a label system can really help while you are packing. This not only helps you sometime while you are unpacking but also saves your delicate items from getting damaged. Therefore it becomes necessary to have a label system whether you are dealing with local movers.

Get your packing materials ready

Before you begin labeling and packing your stuff, you must be ready with your packing materials. Make sure that you have enough cardboard boxes available for packing all your stuff. It is necessary that the cardboard boxes be of good quality that can withstand bumps and protect the stuff that is inside. Make sure that you have enough tape and labels. You can give a boost to your labeling system by getting colored labels and pens.

Color-coded labels

If you go for color-coded labels then the process of unpacking your stuff in your new place can become a lot easier. This way you can distribute and distinguish the boxes according to the rooms. For example, the boxes containing the items of your bedroom can be labeled with the red labels whereas you can use yellow for the kitchen. If you are dealing with office moving then you can use color-coded labels representing different floors or departments. You can add necessary details on the labels for your Calgary movers so that they can handle the stuff accordingly. A color-coded label system can also help the mover company to pack the boxes by room. This can be a good practice if you encounter a long-distance moving situation.

How To Label Boxes

Go for an ‘Open First’ Box

It is advisable to have an ‘open first’ box that contains the most essential items that you might need in an initial couple of days once your move is completed. This box can contain clothes, toiletries, cutlery, dishes etc. It is also advisable that you keep all the medicines with you and not in the boxes to stay prepared for any emergency situation. If you are moving to a different city then having an overnight bag containing your basic items can also help you from rummaging through the boxes.

Never forget to mark boxes as Fragile

It is necessary that you also mark the boxes properly so that the movers can deal with them accordingly. If you have any of the fragile belongings in any boxes like glasses, China Crockery, picture frames etc. you can label the box as glasses-Fragile. This way the removal company will know that the boxes contain fragile stuff and will remove them with extra precautions. If you belong to Calgary and have chosen Calgary Movers Pro as your mover company, then you have nothing to worry about.

An inventory always helps

It is important that you make an inventory of what items have been put in what boxes so that it becomes easy to check if any of the stuff is left behind or is still not packed. Making an inventory room by room can make the process much easier.

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