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Ingenious moving hacks for a painless packing

Packing up stuff can be very daunting when your moving date arrives closer. No one likes to stuff all their things in boxes and take them out only to place them again properly in a new place. Packing is no fun but having some useful hacks can surely make it painless. Check this article out for some ingenious moving hacks for some painless packing.

Do not take clothes out from the hangers

You can directly take the clothes on the hangers and put them all together in garbage bags and stuff them in the box. This way your ironed clothes won’t be having creases all over them. You can easily take them out of the boxes and slide them in your closet in your new home.

Save your cosmetics

Use cotton balls and put them in the box of your compact, eye shadow, and blush so that they do not break and spread all over. Wrap up the bottles of your shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc. with plastic before putting a lid on them. This will help prevent the products from spilling.

Do’s and Don’ts when moving a to a new house

Do not throw the toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls can be utilized to reorganize the cords you have. They keep the cords from getting tangled and get damaged in transportation.

Use your clothes wisely

While packing glassware it is advisable that you use your t-shirts that will act as cushions while your moving truck travels on potholes and uneven rods. This will also save some space while packing remaining clothes.

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Organize the boxes

Use color-coded boxes to determine what stuff goes in which room. Always name the boxes on the corners and not on the top. Make sure that all the corners are named so that it is easy to determine what is inside the box.

Put heavy items in suitcases and trolley bags

If you have heavy items like books, artifacts, etc. then always put them in suitcases and trolley bags as they are easier to move.

Always remember to pack an overnight bag and daily supplies box

An overnight bag contains all the items that you might need on the road and once you reach the new place before unpacking your stuff. It can contain your toothbrush, toothpaste, a pair of night suit and clothes and other toiletries. Pack a box of daily supplies of your kitchen and bedroom that will be needed once you reach the new place before you start unpacking.

Keep expensive belongings with yourself

Do not pack jewelry, expensive electronics, hard cash etc. and send it in moving truck. Always keep these kinds of stuff with you in the car amongst your belongings. This will reduce the risk of getting these things damaged and misplaced.

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