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Items you must keep while moving to a new place

Moving to a new home in Calgary is always going to be difficult. One always needs to figure out what belongings are supposed to be taken and what is supposed to be thrown away. Some people tend to be very attached to their items that they cannot let anything. While some people just leave everything as it is and move away. Here is a list of essential items that you need to pack when you are moving to a new home.

Basic first-aid box

You should never forget a basic first-aid box whenever you are packing. You can put all the basic things like antiseptic, cotton, painkillers, etc. in the box and label it the same. Make sure that it is handy. You can ask Calgary moving companies to place them in the truck where it can become handy if anyone is hurt. 

Clothes and shoes

Declutter and pack up only important clothes. If you are planning to leave all your clothes and shoes behind then don’t. Declutter the stuff and label the boxes properly. The Calgary Movers will know that the box contains these items and will place them safely in the truck.

Items you must keep


Never leave the chargers of your laptop and mobile phones. You will surely need them once you reach the new home. Your phone’s battery can die and can leave you at risk if you are caught up in any situation.


People think that batteries are the last thing one must pack. You should check the batteries that are working and unused and pack them in a different packet. Thus when you are unpacking and planning to watch some tv and the battery of your remote dies, you can use them. 


Losing the keys can put you at great risk. Anyone who has them can access your new home. While leaving, hand over the old keys to your family members or landlord and take the new keys with yourself to the new house. This way you won’t be standing locked out for forgetting the key.


Make sure that you have packed all your toiletries properly. You are going to need them in your journey as well as the new home.

Basic utensils

If you have several utensils and you do not want to take them all then only go for the utensils that will be needed to cook and serve. If you have anything that is breakable then put the same on the boxes. Movers of the Calgary moving companies will be able to handle them more carefully. 


Make sure that you have packed up all your identity cards, certificates, licenses, and important documents together in a folder or bag. Carry that bag or folder with yourself in the car or plane.

Torches, matches, and candles

Keep the torches, candles, and matches handily. It is more likely that your new home might not have the electricity supply yet. Even if it does and there is a power cut you will not have to fumble and rummage through all the boxes.

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