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Move your clothes with the help of expert tips

Imagine how much you have to pack ? How to Move your clothes with the help of expert tips? Imagine the number of clothes you have stacked up in your closet. Packing your clothes before your move is one thing that you should start weeks before your moving day. The more clothes you have, the more space it is going to require. Hence we provide you golden rules for downsizing your closet. Here are a few tips that will help you to declutter your clothes before moving. Get an estimate of your clothes only while Calgary moving companies are doing their survey at your home.

Make things appear in front of you

You cannot declutter clothes that are not visible to you. Take out every piece of cloth that you have. Take them out from all the corners, drawers, cupboards and put them all together in a place where you can see them. The only way to get rid of the junk clothes is to get rid of them from your closet. Keep the clothes that you really need with you. Get rid of the things which you find difficult to wear and wear them very rarely(never). If you have several white t-shirts then remove the pale and scruffy ones.

Consider the clothes that are really sentimental

Don’t just stock up clothes because someone gave them to you as a gift or you wore it to the first date with your boyfriend. It is completely understandable that you might want to hang on to the clothes that you associate with any sentiments. But you also need to understand that you are purely occupying the space in your wardrobe. Remove the clothes that are too old and are an ill fit. Think of how you can use them for something good. Go to the nearest shelter and donate it to the homeless.

Move your clothes with the help of expert tips

Create a season box

This is a great way to organize your holiday clothes. There aren’t many days when you are wearing bikinis, kaftans, jackets, mufflers, etc. Make a box representing the things it contains. Put things like coats, jackets, woolen socks, sweaters, winter boots, etc. in a box and name it as a winter box. You can place bikinis, hats, kaftans, etc. in the summer box. This way the Calgary Movers will get to know that these boxes belong to your closet and they will put it in the right place.

Box the clothes that you wear occasionally

As you are storing your clothes you can also store the occasional wear separately. Make a box and put only the clothes that you wear at parties, weddings, evening gowns, etc. You can store your party shoes along with them in the box. You can label the box as occasional wear. This way the moving companies Calgary will know that the boxes contain clothes and will put them in a safer space in their moving truck.

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