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Steps to pack like pro when moving to a new home

Have you ever faced a situation where you are ready to move but all your stuff is just sitting there and mocking you because you never had time to finish your packing? It is a daunting task to gather all your stuff and pack it all at once. There are several ways by which you can make packing easier and less troublesome. By the end of this article, you will be able to pack like a pro. Here is the all steps to pack like pro when moving to a new home.

Say no to Procrastination

Packing is not a day’s task. Hence procrastinating will only increase your trouble. Get started on the task can prove very helpful on your moving day. Make a plan and start packing the boxes in an organized pattern. Plan what needs to be taken along and what needs to be thrown away. Start packing with the items that are most essential in your new home. Waiting to pack can overwhelm you and convert your moving day into a disaster.

Organize the packing room wise

You cannot pack everything at once. Pack one room at a time. You can use color-coded labels to label your boxes for different rooms if you are dealing with a local moving company or a long-distance moving company in terms of your residence. Start packing small spaces in the beginning. In case you are dealing with a situation of office moving, you can use color-coded boxes according to different departments and floors. Do not just place the stuff in the boxes. Use soft items or clothes as paddings to protect breakable items. This will save some room and will also protect your items from damage. If you are located in Calgary then you can choose Calgary Movers Pro as your mover company. Your labels can help the movers to identify the boxes that need extra care.

Moving Hacks
Moving Hacks

Always use a packing paper

Packing is an expensive task alone. We try to save money by using newspapers instead of packing papers for our possessions which is not correct. Regular newspaper can bleed ink and damage the possessions. Packing paper keeps your stuff clean. You can also use bubble wraps if you want instead of packing paper.

Decide what you want to take

We love possessing innumerable items. Moving with all of them is not possible. You need to declutter first. Check out all the items that you have. Check out what items you need and what is not at all necessary. Make 3 piles for each category. Use one for stuff you are willing to pack. One must be used for the stuff you need to donate. The last pile must contain the stuff you need to throw. This exercise can save a lot of room while packing and can also save some money.

Check your valuables

You cannot obviously pack everything. Sort out your valuables. Keep items like jewelry and expensive digital electronics with you in your car. You can pack the laptop or iPad in a backpack along with your jewelry and lock it all in the trunk of your car. You can also lock the jewelry in a safety deposit box. Take the medicines with you and prepare an overnight bag if you are indulging in a long-distance moving.

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