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Understanding Canadian culture and customs: A guide for people moving to Calgary

Moving to a new nation is stressful, particularly if you have to learn new traditions. This article is for newcomers to Calgary, Alberta, to learn about Canadian culture and how to handle cultural differences.

A Look at Canadian Values and Traditions

Canada’s diversity, openness, and readiness to embrace others are its pride. As a newbie to Calgary, AB, it’s crucial to understand Canadian values and customs. Important Canadian ideals and customs:


Difference and Multiculturalism

Canada’s core principle is respecting diversity. Canada celebrates variety via “multiculturalism.” Canada embraces all cultural groups and promotes and protects its residents’ distinct cultural heritage.

Respect and good manners

Canadians are polite. Hold doors, say “please” and “thank you,” and “sorry” if you bump into someone. Canadians are shy and seldom fight.


Neighborhood and Family

Canadians value family and community. Canadians like spending time with family and friends, volunteering, doing sports, and attending cultural events.

Traditions in Canada

Canada’s distinct customs reflect its history and culture. Canada’s major traditions include:

October’s second Monday is Thanksgiving. The harvest and other year’s blessings are thanked.
Remembrance Day commemorates Canadian war dead on November 11.
On July 1, Canada celebrates its 1867 independence.
Environmentalism and social justice
Canada values justice and the environment. Climate change, poverty, and social inequality worry Canadians. Politics and volunteering help them address these issues.

Healthy body and mind
Canadians value health and well-being. Canadians prioritize emotional, physical, and nutritional wellness. The nation’s public healthcare system ensures everyone has access.

Work-life balance
Canadians respect work-life balance. They appreciate family time and pleasure outside of work. This might entail shorter workweeks, more time off, and a more laid-back work ethic compared to other cultures.

Getting Used to Living in Canada

Moving abroad is thrilling and challenging. Newcomers to Calgary, AB should be prepared for cultural changes and new experiences. Tips and statistics to help you adjust to life in Canada:


Canadian weather adjustment

Canadian climates vary. Calgary has chilly winters, so be prepared. Buy winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves. In winter, get warm, high-quality bedding and adequately insulate your house.


Canadian financial systems

Canada uses the CAD. 100 cents. Know Canadian money before you travel. Open a Canadian bank account too. This simplifies money management. Check out Canadian tax rules and filing.

Canadian Food and Drink
Canadian food is multicultural. Poutine, butter tarts, and maple syrup are Canadian staples. To understand Canadian cuisine, sample a variety of dishes and beverages. Craft brewers and local wines are also popular in Calgary.

Getting Around Canada’s Healthcare
Canada’s public health care system covers all citizens and permanent residents. Once in Calgary, apply for Alberta Health Services to receive your health card. Discover Canadian hospitals and clinics.

Canadian Culture and LanguageCanada uses two languages. French and English. Regional dialects and slang may be unfamiliar even if you know one of these languages fluently. Language classes or tutors might help you learn. Know how Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, and Canada Day.

Meeting individuals and developing a community
Canada is welcoming, making it easy to establish new acquaintances. Volunteer or join a local sports team or club. This might help you create new neighbours and friends. Calgary’s museums, cultural institutions, and parks provide activities and information.

How to Meet People in Canada: A Guide for People Moving to Calgary

Making new acquaintances and creating social ties are crucial components of adjusting to life in Calgary, AB. Canada is kind. However, starting off might be difficult. We’ll provide suggestions on making friends in Canada in this article.

Canadian customs
Though courteous and pleasant, Canadians have distinct social conventions. Canadians are more reserved than others. Don’t be shocked if folks are hesitant to discuss personal matters. They may first establish confidence. Canadians value punctuality, so arrive early to meetings and activities.

Meeting folks
Canadians value solid connections, so get to know your neighbours. To meet like-minded individuals, join local clubs, volunteer organizations, or other groups. Know your colleagues to know your community.

Cultural participation
Festivals and events throughout the year commemorate Canada’s diverse cultures. These activities let you meet new people and learn about Canadian culture. People love the Calgary Stampede, Calgary Folk Music Festival, and Calgary International Film Festival.

Networking is crucial to developing relationships in Canada, particularly professionally. Attend networking events, job fairs, and conferences to meet industry professionals. LinkedIn may also help you network with industry experts.

Volunteers meet new individuals and create community links. Help a local charity, community group, or non-profit. This is a terrific opportunity to participate in local events, meet like-minded individuals, and give back to your new community.

Small Talk
Canadians love small conversation with strangers and friends. Talk about the weather, news, or other little things. Talk to people in grocery store lines and on buses. It’s wonderful for language practice and meeting new people.

Taking Advantage of Life in Canada

Moving to Canada might be daunting and thrilling, but with the appropriate mindset and preparation, you can enjoy living there. We’ve discussed adjusting to life in Canada in this blog series. We’ve covered socializing, corporate culture, Canadian values and customs, and adapting to Canadian culture.

Openness, curiosity, and a willingness to learn are crucial when relocating to Canada. Canada is a warm and varied nation where you may make friends, learn about various cultures, and establish community. Attending local events, joining community clubs, and volunteering may help you make friends and establish a reputation in your new neighbourhood.

Workplace culture should reflect Canadian values like teamwork, collaboration, and honesty. Maintaining a good professional reputation and respecting superiors are also crucial. Follow workplace standards, communicate properly, and create great connections with colleagues to succeed in Canada.

Canadian culture requires patience, openness, and learning. You can feel at home in your new country by learning local customs, speaking the language, and adopting Canadian values. Being patient and open-minded when adjusting to a new culture and finding a mentor or buddy may assist.

Work hard and adapt to enjoy life in Canada. With an open mind, solid relationships, and Canadian values, you may develop a life full of experiences, connections, and possibilities. Stay engaged, ask questions, and seek for assistance. These steps will make living in Canada rewarding.

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