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Easy Packing Tips for a Quick move

It may seem that packing your stuff is a very easy thing to do while it is not. You might feel that all you need is a box and tapes to pack your stuff but that’s not it. Packing requires a lot of time, patience, and planning. If not planned ahead, packing can become stressful and overwhelming. Hence, the easy thing you can do is follow these tips that will help you pack your stuff quickly and economically.

Gather packing supplies before you start your packing

You will definitely find it annoying to run for getting more packing supplies when your utilities run out halfway while you are packing. Hence, the first thing you need to do is figure out how many packing supplies you will need and gather them accordingly. While packing boxes always keep in mind to put heavier items at the bottom. This way your light items will not break and it will provide uniformity to your boxes.

Stuff boxes with extra stuff

You can stuff your boxes with extra stuff that are light and easily fit into any box. For example, socks, pillowcases, scarves, etc. You can stuff them in the crevices or the holes in the boxes. You can pack small items in smaller boxes so that big boxes are saved for heavier and bigger items. After packing these items in small boxes, you can put them in large boxes so that everything is accommodated at once. Label all the boxes properly so that you know what box contains what stuff. If you have any loose items that cannot be kept in a box, you can seal them in little baggies and put them in the box. Make sure that your labeling is correct. In case, you hire Calgary moving companies for your help  the reliable movers will understand the contents of the box and handle it with appropriate care.

Make an inventory

You should always start with making an inventory of your items. This way you can ask your movers what items they can readily move and what items they cannot. For example, we provide gun-safe movers in case you have some weapons to relocate. Making an inventory helps you to know what items are packed in which box. This trick comes in handy in case your box goes missing and you want to file a claim. You can fill a box with all the essential items from the kitchen to the bedroom that you will need as soon as you reach the new place. You can label it to unload first so that the efficient Calgary movers know that the box is needed to be unloaded first. In case you have dressers then you do not have to waste money on boxes to box your clothes. You can tape the drawer openings so that the clothes Don’t fall out and put them as it is in the truck.

Easy Packing Tips for a Quick move

Do not pack important records and load them in the moving truck

Keep important records with you in the car rather than keeping them in the truck. This will prevent them from getting lost or damaged in the move. If you are unable to carry them with you then you can send those documents to your new address with the help of a safe courier company.

Fill up the empty spots in the boxes

When you pack, you will find that not all the boxes will be completely filled. You can fill those empty spots with the help of the linens, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. that you have. This will save you some boxes.

Pack the items along with their belongings

If you have flatware or silverware, you need to pack the small items together. For example, you can bubble wrap the whole tray of salt and pepper together as one unit so that you do not have to struggle to find them while rummaging your stuff in the new home.

Furniture packing

If you have furniture that you can dismantle and pack then pack them wisely. Any of the bolts, screws, and any other loose items of that furniture must be packed in a bag and taped up to it. This will make it easy to reassemble when you reach the new place.

Keep items of the same room together

While packing you must remember to pack all the items belonging to one room together. You can use color code boxes for rooms. This will help the best appliance movers Calgary to load the boxes of your kitchen altogether. This hack saves a lot of time when you are unpacking.


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