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Relocating from Calgary to Barrie is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need proper planning and execution to do that. It’s because there’s a long distance between the cities. Hence, one move can mess up everything. This is why you need professional Barrie movers to help you out. And when it comes to this case, nobody is better than Calgary Movers Pro.


We are an Alberta-based moving company looking to complete your moving requests. Every year, we complete thousands of long moves bigger than the ‘Calgary-to-Barrie’ caliber. Hence, taking on your moving project won’t be a big issue for us. Our employees will look after everything on your project. All you can do is just sit aside and enjoy other activities in your life.

From office moves to storage, we can offer you an estimate anywhere. So, do take too much time to think. Call our friendly staff to relocate your belongings safely and securely. You won’t find another one like us across the country to assist your from start to finish. 

Positives of Hiring Long Distance Barrie Movers

There are too many positives or advantages to hiring long-distance movers. From giving you an initial plan to delivering your items to the new place, pros will always be with you. They will make sure that each portion of the project is properly supervised and cleared. As a result, you won’t have to worry about anything. You can focus on other important tasks.

On the other hand, going solo in these conditions may not be a good decision for you. For instance, you will have to find packing items, pack alone, and load them up. If you have heavy items, things will be trickier than ever. Also, you will have to rent a truck for transportation. This will not only take your time but also money. Yes, going DIY will cost you more money than regular. Hence, long distance moving needs professional help to remain stress-free.

Whether you’re moving Central Ontario on Northwestern, you should hire some body. 

How is Barrie as a City?

To be honest, Barrie is one of the best cities in Ontario. Yes, we know that the place is a bit more expensive. But there are too many reasons to justify its prices. First of all, the opportunities here are much more than other cities. As a result, when you live here, you’re already ahead of a lot of people. You’ll find better transportation, schools, and workplaces with better pay.

Hence, if you’re willing to move to Barrie from Calgary, it’s not a bad decision. You will find too many good places to settle down here. Also, the place is dope for growing your family into a better culture. It has a growing job market. Hence, finding a better job in your department won’t be a problem for you. In total, Barrie as a city is too good to live in.

The neighborhoods are great. They will treat you like one their own. So, you won’t find too hard to fit in your new home,


Why Calgary Movers Pro As Your Professional Mover in Barrie, Ontario?

Calgary Movers Pro has a reputation for the most affordable and efficient movers in Canada. We have been offering professional moving services in Alberta for too long. Let’s look at why we should be considered as a top-notch moving company in Barrie, Ontario too. 

Two Decades of Experience

Calgary Movers Pro has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Hence, solving your relocation-related problem won’t be a big thing for us. We can easily complete it for you. Moreover, we will be punctual about moving and delivery. Hence, it will be on time too. 

Professional Employees

We have over 60 employees working for us in different segments. All of them are qualified and licensed. They all get intense training before taking on a field job. Our local Barrie relocators will carefully pack, load, and transport your items.

Fastest Van Lines

We have over 20 moving trucks for item delivery. They are different in size for your betterment. This way, you can choose one depending on your moving needs. Also, these are well-maintained, licensed, and insured.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Calgary Movers Pro offer the most competitive prices in the industry. As a result, anybody with any moving request can call for our service. Moreover, there are no hidden charges with us. We like to honest and transparent.

Great Customer Care

We want our customers to be happy in every way. For this reason, we offer the best customer care for you. You can ask us anything at any moment. Our agents will describe everything for you. It will help you to clear up confusion.

For local and long distance move, no one is better than our Barrie moving company. We’re one of Canada’s largest moving company. Our employees will help you get things ready for the moving day too. 

Our Barrie Moving Services

We offer a wide range of moving services. Some of our most sold services are:

All of the above services are applicable to moving across Canada. We’ve grown our company competitively among the best corps. Hence, we can offer your the best like no other. 

Be A Customer Today And Get Your Moving Quote!

Are you tired of surfing the internet for proper Barrie movers? Are you exhausted from trusting the wrong guys again and again? Well, you have a good news. We, Calgary Movers Pro are offering you the best possible Calgary to Barrie relocation option. 

We started as a delivery company, then a local moving company, and now a full-service moving company. Our job is to take the stress away from you project and get the job done with professionalism. Our moving team will minimize downtime and efficiently remove your possessions. So, call us now and let us help you in every step of your move.